Is anyone else feeling like they just got hit by a truck as we get ready to merge back into life as normal after the holidays?

We just got home at 2:00am last night from a trip up North where we got to gather with our WHOLE FAMILY for the week after Christmas.

We were so excited to be all united up there (and to have almost everyone here for Christmas…we didn’t get Elle and Carson until Christmas night when we arrived to hug them up):

I have so much to say about the holidays, but for today let’s just talk about New Years for a minute.

We were heavy-laden with the goodness of being together up there in Utah, as well as with SO MUCH SNOW!

It was incredibly beautiful.

We skied our little hearts out (more on that tomorrow), and we celebrated the end of 2022 and the beginning of a whole new year:


On the evening of New Years Day (when the snow dumped maybe honestly close to TWO FEET), I waded, by myself, up the mountain.

I was the only one to step in those piles of brand new snow.

And I thought about what this new year holds.

What do I want it to hold?

What do I want to leave behind?

But mostly, I was just grateful with all my heart for God, for the world He has given me to cradle me in.

For 2022 with all it’s bumps and bruises mixed with goodness.

And that I get another year to live, to be interrupted, to learn, to grow in this beautiful world of ours.

Happy New Year everyone!


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