Gosh I’m slacking on the birthday posts!

But I’m here to say that our dear Abby had a birthday on Saturday and oh how we love that girl!

Five things I adore about Abby:

  1. She is the best at keeping in touch. And there is so much beauty in that connection. She will call me and just shoot the breeze. She will FaceTime with Murphy all the time. She will send pictures to keep me in the loop. She will even document things when we’re together. And that is the best gift in the whole world to me. Also, as far as keeping in touch, she is so great at asking questions. I love hearing her on the phone with Lucy asking her all kinds of things about her life and making her feel so loved.
  2. She is up for any adventure. From taking a trip to Africa with us as a newlywed (and getting assigned to sleep next to the hippo swamp, ha!) to trying a new recipe with me, she’s always up for the task.
  3. She is so organized. For Thanksgiving she could tell I was getting a little stressed out with logistics. So she pulled out a piece of paper, had me spill out all the tasks I was worried about, and helped me assign everyone to help. It was an incredible gift to me. This is just one tiny example of why I wish she could just live with me and be my personal assistant:)
  4. She is a family girl. It is the sweetest to see her shift into her role as a mother. She is incredibly natural and relaxed and filled with so much love for Murphy it’s almost tangible. She is such a perfect partner to Max as well. There is nothing like having someone marry your son who adores him and to watch them build each other.
  5. She’s a do-er and a worker. From whipping up a new piece of beautiful art to learning how to sew a shirt or helping me with ideas for decorating to finding a new job or seeing what needs to be done and doing it, she just knows how to get things done.
  6. She is kind. And loves Jesus.

Whoops. Couldn’t stop at five, and I could go on and on about this gem of a girl we get to call ours.

Love you so much Abby Jane!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Abby. Love the relationship you’re growing with her. I’m a new mother-in-law and working on building relationship with my son-in-law. Have you written a post on how you’ve transitioned into the mother-in-law role and also how you & Dave have adapted to having married kids? Would love to read your thoughts and advice on these things.

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