2013-05-17 end of school 75584With summer coming right around the bend (tomorrow for us here in the desert!) I figured I’d link back to some posts about what we do in the summer that we are gearing up for.

Summer reunion ideas: HERE and HERE and the “Fear Factor” part we added to our reunion is HERE. 2012-07-16-Kristis-pictures-553043(also some game ideas that would be great for summer reunions in this new years post HERE)

Summer goals: HERE2012-06-13theranch52034

Summer book-reading list: for adults HERE and for young readers HERE and HERE.2012-05-27 Torreon 49206

Summer photo tips: HERE2008-05-12Weinegars1392

(also sparkler/light photo tips in the middle of this q&a back HERE)2010-07-24untitled14948

My favorite summer salad: HERE

We can’t forget the church stuff: summer Girls’ Camp HERE (and some straggling questions about camp in the middle of this Q&A HERE)

…and Trek HERE.

Hooray for summer.
2013-05-17 end of school 75599

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  1. I love your summer goal's post. I look forward to it, and since we get out of school a month later here in Canada, I get all your idea;s and then use them, with my own kids, I love that you take pics of them, and post, so I can see 😉

    I am in the middle of cutting for stone!! 🙂

  2. Where do you guys order your reunion shirts? Also from a big family where the person in charge moves down by sibling and its my turn.

  3. Hooray is right! I LOVE summer! It's looks like Switzerland here this week. This post is full of such great stuff! Thanks for sharing! Love you too!

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