She did it, she turned four. Despite all my whining and begging her not to, she just went ahead and did it. She was pretty happy about it too, despite the fact that we’re on a no-birthday-party kick. I guess she still loved it because even though we’re on a no-birthday-party kick we had three birthday parties for her. One last night with all the cousins, one this morning with our family for her favorite breakfast and gift opening, and one tonight with our great friends who, as luck would have it, had their “Claire” on the same day as we had ours. So we celebrated together. Oh, and I guess I should also include Joy School in the count because we’re feasting on cupcake brownies with candles tomorrow when I teach too. And isn’t it kind of a party that because school was out today we had twelve extra girls over at our house all day? (three of them were Claire’s friends and the rest hovered over her much of the day because everyone knew it was her b-day). Hmmm…this every other year party idea isn’t working out so hot! I’d love to write a bunch of cute and quirky things about her but I’ll have to save that for another day because I’ve GOT to get to bed. I’ll just say I kissed her cheeks off today and man I LOVE that girl!One of my favorite things about today was that Max, Elle and Grace were almost as excited as Claire was. I let them stay up last night with me to decorate because they were melting my heart making all these cards and banners for her and designing a special thingy for her to walk through when she woke up this morning (see above). Claire & Claire…Ok, now I REALLY have to get to bed.

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  1. Sounds like Claire knows how to celebrate her birthday. I love the purple streamers, very fun. I guess 4 parties for a 4 year sounds right. one for each year. She is so cute!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!! Max was so excited to go to Joy School today and now he is going to be even more happy when there are cupcakes/brownies!!! He has been singing the bear hunt song all morning! Now that both Hannah and Claire are 4 he is much more anxious for March 2nd to come along!! Claire is such a sweetheart and I love seeing her cute smiling face!

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