I would like to take a moment to introduce you to your trash can: 2012-12-10 iPhone 65950 It is right there, approximately 2 feet away from where you leave your needing-to-go-in-the-trashcan-contact holders each day. 2012-09-27 iPhone 61248 Just thought maybe an introduction seemed necessary.  Hope it helps that counter clutter…

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  1. I'm so glad we aren't the only ones dealing with the exact same issue. Our youngest puts in his contacts every day and lines the bathroom with the wrapping and rarely puts them in the trash. It must be a teenage thing.

  2. OMG- I just cleaned out my 17 year olds son room yesterday because we are having guests and I didn't want to expose them to any hazardous materials in his room. I found candy wrappers, chip bags, old batteries,broken headphones, empty deodorants etc stuffed in his desk drawers, under his bed and in his closet! He also has a trash can in his OWN bathroom that I think he needs to be introduced to.

    BTW- I love your blog- I check it everyday!

  3. My 16 yr old bathroom is the same. @Kelly… I cleaned my son's room too for the holidays and the EXACT same garbage was under the bed, book shelf, drawers… seriously, what is it with 16yr old boys. What is going on in that big brain of theirs. πŸ™‚

  4. LOL! I could do a similar introduction to my children… kids, meet the laundry hamper. It's a foot away from where you throw your clothes. πŸ˜‰

  5. That made me laugh! My kids drive me crazy with the same unexplainable behavior too. πŸ™‚ And yet, I can remember my own mother pulling loads of old water bottles out of my closet as a teen. I still don't know what was up with that. Maybe it's part of teenage brain development. πŸ˜‰

  6. That was too funny! I expected a loving letter to your son about some amazing thing he had done. I would have loved that post, too, but this one was great! It's nice to know that all teenagers are the same. I walk through my daughter's bathroom in the mornings and wonder how it is that she can just leave all of her containers OPEN after she puts on her make up???

  7. Loved this. I have the same problem, it must be a boy thing. I found it funny that my son uses the same deodarant and cologne as Max has on his counter.

  8. I see so many other people have said this, but I need to do this post for my husband and the dirty clothes hamper. He puts his clothes right in front of the hamper… somehow can't manage to put them IN it. Silly boys!

  9. Pretty sure I need you to have the same conversation with my husband… I throw away those same contact packages all the time. My favorite is when he'll leave the trash ON the counter just above the cabinet where the garbage can is kept under. Grrr….

  10. Ha! I remember those days with three sons and a husband with trash can avoidance issues! Actually the husband is still there! Thanks for sharing this . . . memories . . .

  11. Shawni,
    That was a funny post.
    I was wondering, since you and Dave live in such a beautiful home now that seems to accommmodate your family well–why are you choosing to move? I might have missed the boat on this question when you may have answered it previously–so sorry if I did–but I am really curious! (I have 5 kids too but we are busting at the seams in our little house). Thanks for for answering! Tami

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