Last weekend Dave and I were here:
Swimming around with these guys:
(I wished I could take that one home with me…Dave swam with him for a little bit and I think he liked it.)
Dave and I like to dive. And we have some good friends that like it too. So we have taken dive trips together to Cozumel, Mexico for three out of the last four years.

But before we go into all that jazz, let’s back up a little bit and talk about our crazy flight.

The last time we went to Cozumel our flight got canceled. We had to scramble and leave the night before because that’s the only flight that would get us there. We thought that was a once in a lifetime deal.

Yes, so we thought.

But this year we were dying when we found out the night before that our flight was canceled again. What are the chances?

We had some stressful moments getting there, but we finally made it on a flight and we were so thankful.
We had to go through Cancun and lug all our gear over a bazillion cobblestones…
…and take a ferry over, but man alive, that ferry ride was gorgeous.And from there on out we went on dives and talked and ate and soaked in some serious beauty.
I’m so thankful for Steve and his underwater camera.
Next time I’m bringing my own.

There was so much I wanted to capture in that world under there.
But I don’t think pictures can ever do the colors under there justice.
It really was so beautiful…and SO colorful (which the pictures can’t quite show).
I love looking up when you’re under there. I love how the bubbles float up and the feeling of flying.I love how when you go through a swim-through cave and come out above you can see so many thousands of bubbles creeping through all the nooks and crannies.And I love seeing a part of the world not many people get to see.

I love the black fish that look like they have white lipstick on.

And the bright yellow ones.

And the iridescent blue ones that look like they have way too many fins.

And the occasional crabs and spindly crazy fish that make you wonder what kind prize they won in Heaven for the most original creation.It was awesome to see a big nurse shark down there too.My favorite dive was the one nearby a place called the “cathedral” called “Devil’s Throat.”

It is a “chimney dive” where you go straight down this darker, more narrow cave and come out at 125 feet below the surface. I thought it would scare the pants off me but I loved it.

I wish I had pictures of that one. I’ll post a video when Del sends it along (hint to Del ;).

For pictures of the cathedral dive click here to see the ones from two years ago. (I took way more pictures last trip.)

Because of our delayed, messed-up flight we missed the night dive this year, darn it. I usually really like that one.

Other than the diving, we love to cruise around the island. This year we did it in this jeep.
Some of the couples still rented the usual scooters which we love, but it was kinda nice not to get bugs in our teeth this year 😉We like to go up to this place called Bob Marley’s.
We hung out downtown too, where I always have to pick up my stash of Mexican vanilla. Mmmm.
I like how you walk up steps to planes in Cozumel.And I really like being with this guy.

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  1. Me and my hubby dive to, what a great hobby to do together! those are beautiful photos. We were in Cozumel about 10yrs ago and I did my 1st and only night dive, I was scared to death to go into that dark water! but it was one of my best dives, so beautiful and such different sea life than in the day. Thanks for sharing! makes me wana dive!

  2. Glad to see your vacation was beautiful! My husband and I were there in January, and I even have the very same photo of the cobblestone road. And reading about the ferry made me laugh…we had rough seas on the ferry – 20 foot waves that tossed us to nearly 90 degree angles! I knew it wasn't a good sign when they handed out little plastic bags as we boarded (over 1/2 the passengers used them). But even those kinds of trips are memorable, in their own way.

  3. amazing pictures! It must be great to just get away and get some time together. I'm too chicken to go diving but the photos are just beautiful.

    now is that dave carrying your bag in one of the last photos! what a guy!


  4. saw your profile – loved it! I am so inspired now to go on vacations with the hubby sand kids and maybe with other couple buds! Looks like fun. You have a beautiful family and I am totally stealing your FHE valentine heart idea for next Monday. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Oh I'm soooo jealous right now. Those are some amazingly beautiful underwater shots. I bet your next Christmas gift is going to be an underwater camera.

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