Yes it is Tuesday.  I am behind on these Friday deals.

I think I remember you saying that Elle has your old Nikon, is that right? I recently bought a Nikon D3100, and I love it so far. I have even ventured into Manual mode! What kind of lens was Elle using in these kinds of pictures? {from this post}

I sold my Nikon camera (and still miss that thing at times).  Elle uses a Canon Digital Rebel XSi (that we got for a great deal from Craig’s List) with my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
attached (which I totally recommend for portraits…I used this one
with my Nikon for years so I know the more affordable 1.8 variety
works really well too).  Much more about lenses and cameras back here, but for now, speaking of Elle photography, please excuse me while I gush about her (and embarrass her too). 

I can’t help myself from showing off her latest photo shoot. 
2012-10-05 family 613842012-10-05 family 614362012-10-05 family 614632012-10-05 family 614882012-10-05 family 614942012-10-05 family 615322012-10-05 family 615742012-10-05 family 616512012-10-05 family 617232012-10-05 family 61729
I love the way she looks for little details.

Then I found these on my computer one day…she must have decided to take an impromptu photoshoot of Grace’s friends.
2012-11-02 fall 64309
She LOVES trying to harness that sun.

2012-11-02 fall 64316
2012-11-02 fall 643352012-11-02 fall 643462012-11-02 fall 643532012-11-02 fall 643642012-11-02 fall 643682012-11-02 fall 64396So fun to share that little hobby with that girl of mine.

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  1. Hey Shawni – I just got my first 50 mm. It's the 1.2 and I LOVE it. So fun to use.
    It's so fun to see Elle's photos. Looks like she shares your great talent!

  2. Hooray! This was my question I think. 🙂 Thanks for the lens recommendation. I might have to save up for that sucker but I'm putting it on my wish list.

    Elle – you are fabulously talented! Your natural ability is amazing at your age, I'm so impressed!

  3. I always think that it's Friday on Tuesday. I don't know why, maybe because Monday's are so hectic. You really threw me for a loop and I didn't even realize that you put the Friday Q & A on Tuesday. Thanks for the laugh and the beautiful photography!! You have an amazing family.

  4. How awesome! My daughter is 6 and is showing some real interest in photography. I can't wait until she can come along with me on photo shoots. This is just fun to see, so exciting. How wonderful to share this hobby with your daughter.

  5. She is full of so much talent!!! I was looking for a good program to make a watermark on my photos. How did Elle make her watermark with the cute flower?

  6. I know a couple of women who have tried to start photography careers, their pictures aren't nearly as composed, balanced, interesting and classy as E's. She's amazing.

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