…and although it’s super late, I can’t call it quits on the celebrating we’ve been doing until I write my fifteen things I adore about this girl of mine.

1)  She is a friend.  A good friend.  A friend to her friends, to her cousins, to her siblings, to Dave and to me.  I love that she will tell me things.  Lots of things.  Makes me feel even closer to her.

2)  She works hard.  If she puts her mind to something she does it.  When there’s a will, Grace makes a way.

3)  She has and eye for beauty and will point out gorgeous things in this beautiful world that I have missed.  And that’s saying something because I don’t miss much 🙂

4)  She is a great cook.  Man alive I missed her being my side-kick in the kitchen today (since it was her birthday we put a ban on her doing any work, of course)

5)  She is a great adventure partner.  She adores exploring new places almost as much as I do.

6)  She is wise beyond her years.  Maybe that’s why I always think she’s older than she is.

7)  She is a birthday-lover, and makes everyone else’s birthdays the best ever.

8)  She is at one with the water when boating.  She’s one of the most natural kids I’ve seen on skis or surfing or wake-boarding.

9)  She’s a gatherer (here).  I hope she always will be.

10)  She has amazing handwriting.

11)  And amazing hair that I wish I could transplant onto my head.

12)  She loves her Heavenly Father and knows she is His daughter.

13)  She is a top-notch babysitter.  She took care of her sisters for part of the time Dave and I were at the BBS conference the last few days and we came back to all their eyes shining.

14)  She makes life fun.  She’s like an energy-boost to anything we do.

15)  Her ten-thousand-gigawatt smile complete with dimples makes the sun come out.

Love you forever Grace Jam!
More about the celebrations soon.

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  1. I love that you do this for their birthdays. She sounds like such a great girl and one I wished we had close by as an example to my kids. Happy Birthday!

  2. So glad Grace has a chance to be the oldest at home, while siblings are in college or mission. It will be exciting to see how Grace leads out and spreads her wings as a 15-year-old and leader of the children at home. Such a terrific opportunity for her. Good luck.

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