It just so happens that two of Max’s cousins graduated right along with him.
They were just here:

 Then they grew to this:

 …and this:

…to this:

And to me that kind of seems like crazy talk.

So we had a party for them to celebrate with all the in-town cousins.

Everyone helped bring dinner (Cafe Rio salads) and then we had a slideshow (put together by the most un-slideshow-making-talented girl…me…but it was all worth it to reminisce all those memories) and then had a little panel:

My brother-in-law Steve (on the right above) is on there with them because it was his party too.  He just graduated from graduate school.  Which involved tons of travel while in the bishopric with four kids and a supportive wife.  Boy oh boy we should have carried him on our shoulders (and his wife!) for a while and made up some serious cheers for him but we were lucky he agreed to be on the panel.

And by “panel” I don’t mean anything fancy.  They just sat there while we all asked questions and asked them to give a few little snippets of advice for all those cousins sitting there looking up to them.  As you can see by that picture up there, some of their answers were kind of funny.

These teenage cousins are sure going to be gloomy missing their one-year-older cousin when she goes off to college.

We did stuff like this on each table (just like at Dave’s parents’ fifty year anniversary back HERE), and I had a whole slew of pictures of them growing up that we put around everywhere.

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  1. I love all these ideas – the panel discussion, the little snippets of facts about each graduate (so funny too), and the way-back-when pictures. I have the feeling I'm going to be here with my oldest before I even know it!

  2. I love this! congrats to the graduates! And how fun are those snippets! And Allie…I still get too shy to talk to the greeter sometimes 😉 Good luck ya'll!

  3. Can you tell me where you bought the silver picture holders (the long stem ones)? I'm planning a wedding and they would work really well!


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