Oh man, I really should have started earlier on these grateful posts because there is SO much and it makes my heart so full.  
Nothing better than a full heart.
I started out this post wanting to write how grateful I am for families.
For my family.  
And how we have changed and grown over the years.

 And how with all the growth, and experiences, and drama, our love grows.

 …and we learn from each other more than I could ever express.

And those thoughts led me to my growing up family.

And for how deliberate my parents were.  (serious deliberate-ness back HERE)
I found these things when I was up in Utah for my Grandma’s funeral last month…A sign for one of my siblings who was super messy:

 …and my “commitments,” no-doubt spurred by my deliberate Dad.  We all got the hugest kick out of these ones.  Lots of stipulations in there:

Which of course led me to think of my mother, and how much I adore her, which led to mothering and how much I love that.
(Lots more on that back HERE.)
And thinking of my family made me think of how much I adore my brothers.
I look up to all those little brothers more than I can say.
Which led me to my sisters.  Oh how grateful I am for them and all the memories we share.

Which led me to my girls and how grateful for their “sisterhood.”

I love this sequence of pictures with all my heart:

Which led me to my sisters-in-law who inspire me every day:

And my amazing sister-in-laws:

 (some are missing from that picture, darn it!)

Which led my heart to overflow and go on and on and on with gratitude for family in all it’s forms.

I could go on for an hour, but none of us have time for that…gotta get over to my other big gratitude thing: the new house, and put out some fires.

Happy thankful day!

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  1. Oh my gosh, some of these old pictures I've never seen! LOVE that you keep track of them! Thanks for putting our blessings in pictures. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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