My parents kind of started dividing the grandkids up into “groups” from the start.  
Not to separate them from one another, but to make them feel extra special and do things with them on a smaller-scale basis.
I wrote a bunch about that back HERE and HERE and there’s a little bit about “Grandfather’s Secrets” HERE.  

Here’s group #1:

Group #4:

(my brother took turns taking the “groups” off on their own dinners this year…they were in Heaven about that little fact)
Group #5 is also referred to as “the Princesses”:

Group #3 is referred to as “The Babes.”

They even made their own “mural” for that this year.

(not sure who that little girl is in there)

My Mom does “Grammie Camps” with each group each year.

She teaches them about ancestors:

And teaches them all about art and music.

This year she sent them CDs before the reunion to they could get a feel for the music and during their Grammie Camps some of them painted what they heard in the music.

Pretty beautiful pieces if you ask me.

I don’t get to be there for those camps so I don’t have them well-covered in pictures but I LOVE that my Mom wrote all about them in her blog over HERE (group #4) and the Babes and Princesses camp is HERE.
When each group reaches a certain age my Dad makes “treasure chests” with them.
It was these boys’ turn this year.

They were pretty darn excited about that.

So grateful Lucy has these sweet “forever friends.”

When each group reaches age 12 they get to go on a “motor home” trip with Grammie and Grandfather.

Grace was waiting with baited breath for her turn this year.

They stopped by to see my dear Grandma who cannot remember their names any more.

I’m so grateful they could spend some extra time with her.

Group #1 went to Yellowstone years ago for their motorhome trip.

Group #2 somehow cajoled my parents into having Lagoon be the destination of their trip this year.


My Mom also wrote all about that with a lot more pictures over HERE.

Just so grateful for all the extra love my kids get at that gorgeous lake.

One day they will begin to comprehend how lucky they are.

For now, their smiles show that it is seeping in.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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  1. I love how you posted the art the kids did at Grandma's camp. When I first started following your blog, the post that made me fall in love with you (or at least your blog!) was the one where you had taken pictures of all of Lucy's artwork. I could just FEEL your love for that girl & her beautiful pictures.

    I wanted to ask, are the two boys in the BOY group twins or just brothers? The super-duper blond ones, they are SO cute!!!

  2. LOVE it! I am envious of your family dynamic/relationships. I've been reading the Book of Mormon and I desperately want to be baptized…I need to contact my local church…I just feel so at peace since i've read and realized and accepted the heavenly father.

    I don't have much family so I don't think I will have the same experiences but I hope that if I am baptized my fellow mormons will accept me into their family..I a young (early 40's) widow..not much family..

  3. I have always noticed how you have a "get to" attitude, instead of a "have to" attitude. Like, "I get to volunteer in Lucy's class today." etc. That is so nice. It shows that life is a wonderful adventure, instead of a list of chores to get through. Congrats on that.

  4. Wow just amazing. Your children will never forget the time they spend with their Grandparents. I was very lucky and spent some serious quality time with mine. My girls haven't been as lucky. Their Grandparents are busy working but they were able to enjoy my Grandmothers attentions before she passed and I know she loved her time with them.

  5. Quick question – I noticed that your Mom is called "Grammie", not "Grandmother" – while your father doesn't have a cute nickname but is called "Grandfather", rather formal.

    Is this just how it played out or is there some significance to this?

    1. I've often wondered this too.

      Shawni, do your children really call your Dad, Grandfather – rather than Grandpa/Grandad? It does sound very formal.

      Whatever he's called tho, he sounds a brill Grandad:)

  6. I have been reading your blog since I listened to you and your cute Mom speak at "Time Out for Women" several years ago. Thank you for sharing and keeping things real. I have gleaned much needed advice from you and your parents. Thank-you!

    My family also shares a LOVE for Bear Lake. My whole family, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sister and brother, with all of our kids, go every summer for a week. We (they) have been doing this since 1973. This last year we had a 120 Bitner's there. I cry a little inside every time I have to leave.

    I loved reading about your Mom's Grandma's camp. HOW FUN!!! What amazing memories. I clicked from your blog to her's and read about the trip to Lagoon. I have now figured out why I love you and your parent's so much…we are related. Erastus Bigham is my great-great-great grandfather. So there you go…Thanks for the great posts. I love them all (including the ones about your new house). Keep it up!

  7. Hey Pichou where are you living
    ? If you will send your contact info to, we can easily get you in touch with the church in your area! We hope you come back and check on your comment. We'd love to help you get connected!
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  8. I am new to commenting on blogs so I am sorry if I am doing this incorrectly…we just moved to Mesa and are remodeling our home…could you share with me who did your cabinets for your home…I just love what you have done to your home…thank you for sharing.

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