Oh goodness, it is 2024 and I don’t even know where to start. I guess with saying HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! We are back from the not-very-snowy mountains of Utah to golden fall in the desert. Back to just the “three musketeers” after a whole slew of golden family things.

And it is good to be home. With a mountain of “to-dos” stretching out in front of me. Good to be with these two I love and get situated.

That’s not to say it wasn’t hard to say goodbye to the “crew.”

In my “old age” I am getting more emotional leaving them. The love runs deeper as they grow older.

And missing this girl more terribly than I can say:

But it’s good to be back to the pull to fill up the fridge and get situated and take down Christmas and get to doctor appointments galore.

And start anew.

There is something so beautiful about a new start.

I’m not talking about the whole new years resolutions dealio…I don’t even know what to do about that. I’m just talking about a whole new year, fresh slate, opening up in front of me. Oh there is so much hope in that thought.

I haven’t opened my computer for a week. Instead, I have been honing in on my family which has felt quite incredible. I love that those clamoring, twinkling-eyed little children of mine have morphed into twinkling-eyed adults and I love them so much.

So much more I want to write down to remember.

But for today, sending out so much love for this happy New Year we get. May we cherish this new beginning. And continue to progress even in tiny ways.

May we remember that the tiny things add up to the big things.

I’d love to hear how any readers are tackling this new year as I’m trying to figure out how to tackle my own. Any amazing things you’re thinking or doing? If so, please share!


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  1. (I don’t want to start a fight so I’m posting this here..I hope you still see it Mrs Pothier)
    I hope you are well
    So 1 of the many things I learnt from you is that everyone comes from such different backgrounds and that we should try to understand that(also I really looked up to you and this really breaks my heart) so I thought I’d at least ask to get your side…I’d genuinely like to know what stops you from speaking up about the genocide that is going on in Palestine?
    I know you have spoken about the black lives matter movement and about what was going on in Ukraine but your silence on this issue makes me wonder if I should be reading anything from a person who doesn’t say a word when more than 8000 children are killed and when an actual genocide is going on against a civilian population…please help me to understand your thinking
    Thank you in advance ❤️

    1. Hello Kol! thank you for this comment. And for sharing your thoughts. I have touched on the tough things going on in the world, but haven’t focused in on this horrible madness going on in Palestine. I am, of course, completely devastated, as it sounds like you are as well. The things going on that no one should have to endure. I wonder what in the world this world is coming to. And what can I do from my corner of the world?? Honestly, I think about this every single day. Sorrows are being carried around in my heart even if it isn’t showing up as you might wish on this blog. It is difficult to find a balance of what to write about here. There have been so many sad things this holiday season, both at home and abroad.

      If you want to know how I feel about this, I will just say that I feel devastated. What is going on in Palestine is so difficult to comprehend, it feels like the world should take a pause and just mourn. We all need to recognize that just because the sun is shining in some places, it doesn’t mean there is horrible sorrow going on in others. It makes me want to learn more, have more compassion, to push against the darkness. It also makes me want to hold close any goodness and light that I can, and hold it up for anyone who can to share. It makes me want to honor the gift of motherhood even more than ever for those mothers who don’t get to mother their lost children.

      Sending out so much love from my heart to yours.

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