Today this guy turns one year older (and wiser too).
2012-11 DaveAnd I love him.

For his gift (and to redeem myself for posting those pictures above), I’m not gonna get mushy.


The fact is, though, he is out of town.

Yeah, on his birthday (un-changeable meetings).

So we had to do this on Sunday:2012-11-25 Fall 652802012-11-25 Fall 65282See that “Jambox” thing?  Another good Christmas gift idea here

He was a good sport about that picture.

Lu, not so much.

Our teenagers (ok, mostly Elle) begged to turn the birthday celebration into a Christmas decorating fest.

Dave was pretty good to put up with this after his foot and head massages:2012-11-25 Fall 65286
Then we had the cake…2012-11-25 Fall 65306

Which was pretty fun because we had some trick candles mixed in there with the other jumble of forty-two.
2012-11-25 Fall 653092012-11-25 Fall 65315

It’s gonna take a heck of a long time for those wishes to come true.2012-11-25 Fall 65316

I hope they weren’t the ones that wished our remodel project would speed up …2012-11-25 Fall 65317
…cause I really want that to happen.
2012-11-25 Fall 65319
I am so grateful for this man.

I am grateful for his structure.

(Even if it sometimes drives me crazy)

I am grateful for how our children look at him:

with all the adoration they can muster up. 

I am grateful that he puts up with me

…and all my meandering thoughts and good intentions.

How he lassoes me in and helps me realize the difference between good, better and best.

He is so wise.  Does he realize how wise? 

I’m so grateful for how he sees the world. 

And shows me his view through words that create a big picture.

And for how protective he is of our family.

Does he know my life would be hollow without him by my side and how lost I would be without him?

I’m so grateful for him: the captor of my heart.

(Whoops, just a little mushy.)

Love you Dave.  Hope the meetings today are everything you dreamed they would be 🙂

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  1. Happy Birthday to 'David'! Shawni, i love your blog–it always helps lift my spirits and i love seeing how you and dave parent, so i can take note for the future. Thanks!


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