We made our travel plans to Switzerland before I realized it coincided with Homecoming.
Then I had a little panic attack.
And then I consoled myself that Dave would be there to help with all the hoopla.
But then last minute he ended up having to be in China at the very same time.  
So what do you do when you and your husband are on opposite sides of the world when your daughter is getting ready for Homecoming?  

Get your way-better-at-hairdos-and-style-than-you-are niece to come help her gussy up and send you a whole slew of pictures.  
Oh boy, maybe we should leave for dances more often!  Brimley was the BEST helper we could have ever asked for!

Elle was fine right from the start.  She knew she would be fine without us.  But as her mother it was like a calming elixir to get all these pictures from Brimley.  So many that I sort of felt as close to the action as I could be from so far away.

Grace enjoyed the action too. 

 Love seeing those sisters together.

Ooop, let’s get all of them:

There we go.

Sweet Nana came over to see her off too.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t feel lacking in the support category ๐Ÿ™‚

She looked radiant.

She got to go with her good friend Josh who I love.  Especially since when I joked with him before I left that he needed to come over early and pretend it was the big day all dressed up so I didn’t have to miss it, and he agreed whole-heartedly.

(Elle just rolled her eyes and vetoed that little plan so Josh and I never got that great opportunity, dang it! ๐Ÿ™‚
We ordered the boutonniรจre before I left and figured out a really cool one.  If Elle has a close-up I’ll add that later.

True to what she promised, Brimley captured every minute.

…Even the part when Dave called from China to talk to Elle’s date before he took her.  Ha!  
Here she is asking “are you really sure you need to talk to him?”

Love Dave for doing that, and love Josh for being a good sport ๐Ÿ™‚

So glad we got a good one of these two together:

Love that Brimley!

And also adore her husband who I’m sure was a big help as well.

…and then they were off on a grand adventure.

This is the only picture Elle sent of their group:

Elle had some pretty rave reviews of that night.

Thanks Josh!  (and Brimley and Scott!) for making it so great for her!

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  1. Look at all those beautiful kids! I love Elle's style, she looked fabulous! So great that family could step in and get her off to the dance and I love that Dave called! So funny! You are your family continue to amaze me!!

  2. So that was what was going on while we were in Switzerland! Thank heaven for technology that allowed us to see this after the fact, although I think you were in touch all along the way. Positively gorgeous dress and fantastic girl…who is just as pretty inside as she is outside!

  3. Yay Josh! (and Elle who I'm a big fan of even though I've never met :)) Josh is my nephew – LOVE that boy! And yay for your sisters trip to Europe! Your mother sure has vision.

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