Phew, I’m getting behind on my “little things” posts.

I like to keep track of these with the links to more details on all that happened over the month so I can put together my photo books, but the photo books aren’t happening. If anyone has any ideas as to how to print out a photo/journal book lickety split let me know. My niece is helping me using Blurb right now, which is awesome, but also pretty labor intensive. So, let me know if anyone has awesome ideas!

As we left May behind, we will remember that Claire graduated from high school.

(Boo Hoo and Woo Hoo all in the same breath with that one!)

Her Nana and Papa have a tradition of taking their grandkids out to a special lunch or dinner when they graduate:

And then we headed to Lake Powell for the big senior trip with all these good kids.

Dave and I were the chaperones along with Dave’s cousin and her husband, and we sure had a good time filled up with adventures (boat dying, sand climbing, push ups contesting, beauty reveling…yep we had some of it all.

All about that Lake Powell trip back HERE.

It was a pretty special night to get back to my Lucy girl after Lake Powell (a jumble of so many things mixed in those days, most especially FSY for that girl and our own little miracle there).

All about the succession of miracles that led to independence at FSY back HERE.

My baby boy went ahead and turned TWENTY-FIVE:

(Twenty-five-year old bday thoughts back HERE.)

Grace and friends spent some happy times at the Salt Flats.

I took the girls here years ago and it is so cool. All kinds of pictures from that road trip back HERE.

Carson finally received his diploma from Hawaii…he graduated in the midst of corona and the first year of medical school and I think this puppy got lost in the shuffle:


Lucy got to have a little FSY reunion with some of the girls from her summer group (left below) and we started in on The Hiding Place together (right below):

(More about the promptings to read The Hiding Place back HERE, it is so good!)

We had a game night with friends…and also Jonah who was in town…

Can you tell how happy Lucy is about that deal?

She adores all those people and can feel their adoration for her tangibly. They are such big parts of her village!

LOVED Having Jonah in town in anticipation of he and his family moving here the next month…

(More about that back HERE), and we had a fun Relief Society swim gathering here at the same time.

Got together to celebrate some birthdays of some of the people I love most:

Also got to have a special “goodbye” for some of our favorites heading out to be mission presidents:

Christy and James were heading to Sierra Leone and we had a big family gathering to send them off:

…And Nichole and Denny were heading off to Iowa so we gathered with them as well:

And BOY HOWDY we miss them both!

All about those mission calls back HERE.

Lunch with friends:

A little summer trip to Newport with our one remaining at-home child:

But not really just the three of us, because Newport always gets filled in somehow…with friends:

…and family:

…and other friends:

And more family:

Love it so much.

Love that Elle and Carson sent us this post-F45 picture from Florida close to when Dave and I were finishing up our own F45 in Newport:

Utah for Father’s Day:

…and to see our girls:

…and to see our friends (the ones leaving and Utah ones):

…and sisters:

(Podcast prepping)

Our anniversary NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN:

Thoughts about anniversary number 27 is back HERE.

Good friends who look out for my girl and other good friends who have children with Lucy’s same syndrome (BBS)…(BBS gathering is HERE).

Reunion with the best high school friends ever:

My favorites (minus a few):

Grace’s birthday:

All about Grace’s 21st birthday HERE!

Nana and Papa taking the “big kids” to lunch in Provo:

Cards and a cougar:

At the very end of June we headed back to Newport to prep for the 4th of July, once again with the “three musketeers”:

Podcast tries and fails:

Good friends:

Traditional tinfoil dinner prep:

Dave telling the kids our famous Wimbledon story:

….and this at sunset:

June was a good one!

More details about June happenings:

Lake Powell

Max’s Birthday

Friends leaving on Missions

Our 27th Anniversary

Grace’s Birthday

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    1. Oh it is a story from when we went to Wimbledon with my family when Max was a baby (all those years ago!) and Dave somehow found his way into the practice court with all the big players. Such good memories.

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