…and lots of other cousins.2013-06-26 iPhone 79980Dave’s little sister Julie grew up here in the desert.  She knows what it means to be here in June.  (It means this horrendous stuff like 118 degrees for reals last week.) But she doesn’t let a little thing like sluggishly vaporous heat get in the way of cousin bonding time.  And oh boy do we love her for that. Whenever she comes to town with her great husband and six kids it’s always a party.2013-06-23 summer 79341(Especially when it really is Grace’s birthday..) All the cousins think they’ve died and gone to Heaven when they get to get together with those dear cousins.2013-06-23 summer 79343(Five of his siblings live close-by so there are a lot of cousins to gather.) They stayed with us almost a week of their two-week-desert-visit. We were smart enough to swim a lot.2013-06-24 iPhone 798992013-06-24 iPhone 799002013-06-24 iPhone 799072013-06-24 iPhone 799122013-06-24 iPhone 799142013-06-24 iPhone 799182013-06-24 iPhone 799262013-06-24 iPhone 799272013-06-24 iPhone 79931(I think we need a baby.) 2013-06-24 iPhone 79932 …and to go to a farmer’s market to stock up on some serious food.2013-06-24 iPhone 798802013-06-24 summer 79349 Because that many kids go through a lot of food I tell you.2013-06-26 summer 795672013-06-23 summer 793322013-06-25 summer 793692013-06-25 summer 793772013-06-26 iPhone 799692013-06-23 summer 793252013-06-22 iPhone 798682013-06-26 summer 79564 One of the greatest parts as far as Max was concerned was that his cousin was willing to go to work with him:2013-06-26 iPhone 79959Now that is nice.  Let’s just say he doesn’t have the most fun job in the world most days. Sadly, it was Elle’s last week of summer school while they were here.2013-06-19 cousins 79643 I’m pretty sure she survived though, especially when these girls came and stole her away for one afternoon.2013-06-19 cousins 796482013-06-19 cousins 796512013-06-19 cousins 796602013-06-19 cousins 796632013-06-19 cousins 796652013-06-19 cousins 796962013-06-19 cousins 79700Yeah, I think they were ok. (They did their own photoshoot.  Love it.) We sure like those cousins. Thanks for coming, dear cousins!  We love you!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE your family! I'm pretty crazy about my family, too, but I really don't have that many cousins (especially compared to your family) and we all live so far apart that we've only seen each other a handfull of times in our lives. Seeing the pictures of your kids with their cousins makes me just a teensy bit jealous! 🙂

    And can I just say how nice all of the kids look?! Seriously, they just look like the nicest kids, and it always looks like you guys have a blast together. (I loved the picture of Max and his little cousin; he's going to be a great dad someday!)

    You're paralyzed friend,
    – Heather

  2. oh, i understand the power of cousins!!! my father was the 3rd of 10 kids…which they all went on to have 6 or 7 of their own..we are four, and thats a tiny family lol! i think we are now around 50 grand kids…sadly i moved away to california (i come from quebec) but its so nice to have them to go back to! now we are in the great-grand baby making phase right now..and im making the 4rth one!!!! its so exciting to see loving families keep on growing! i have an AMAZING bond with my cousins that i grew up with…and now we are having kids toguether! (three girls in the span of a month to be exact.) now i know my daughter will enjoy the bond that i did as a child..because i make alot of trips lol. sorry for this long comment, i just related so much right here!

  3. Julie is a party! We went camping as kids and she quoted the entire movie Princess Bride around the campfire one night, good times.

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