Last month Dave’s sister Julie came to town.  And when Julie comes to town it is always a party.  Although I only got a couple in the picture, everyone showed up to watch Max play volleyball:2013-03-21 iPhone 73083 And Claire was so delighted that she had some great cheerleaders at her soccer game too.2013-03-23 iPhone 73104 We had a girl’s day out and celebrated one sister’s birthday (in the middle…love you Laurel!)2013-03-22 house ideas 73462 During the month of March we have birthdays galore (all the red marks at the top of the days below are birthdays…seriously, is that a lot in one month or am I kidding myself??)march We got together for cake and ice cream to celebrate a few of them:2013-03-24 iPhone 73111 I love when we get these girls together:2013-03-25 iPhone 73115 …and the truth is, it happens more when Julie’s around (thanks Julie!)2013-03-25 iPhone 731162013-03-25 iPhone 73122 We stole them from school and went to lunch with them for one of their birthdays too…2013-03-25 iPhone 73126 Thanks for the party you bring, dear Julie!  Let’s bring it on again in June!

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  1. Thank you so much for showing us your calendar. I had no idea the Google Calendar was so easy to use! I use it for everything now and love that it syncs with my phone so I can view it on the go. I feel so much more on top of things now! Thanks again!

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