My sister Saren and her family came for a visit over MLK weekend. She and her husband have five kids who were all born in a five year span. Man oh man have they had a busy few years, but their cute twins are now three and are starting to do well on road trips so they came to see us. (Dave wasn’t about to go on a road trip with Lucy screaming all the way to see them…I mean, he loves them and all, but there’s only so far that love can stretch when it means dealing in an enclosed area for hours with a crazy two-year-old screaming and kicking your seat.)

Anyway, our kids were over the moon about it. (Well, I have to admit, Dave and I sure had a great time with them too).

Among other things, Saren and I took the younger ones to this awesome new children’s museum downtown while the dads took the older kids to the rec. center. We also got to spend some time with my brother who teaches school at this place close to where we live. It’s a charter school that deals with agriculture stuff so it was like going to a petting zoo for the kids. They were in Heaven.Nanny McPhee:I know I’ve mentioned this before, but boy howdy is my brother ever a great teacher. The kids were loving his reading place for his kids in his room:
He also hosted a great indoor “drive-in” movie on his new big screen tv for the kids complete with home-made cookies fresh out of the oven…and the kids loved exploring his house. Thanks Josh!
FHE on Sunday:Man I am so darn lucky to be sandwiched in between these two in my family.
They have both taught me so much. Thanks for making it such a great weekend, guys!

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  1. Shoot me an email and we can talk about the RS stuff – thanks so much for remembering!

    And your weekend looks awesome. I went to Atlanta for the long holiday weekend – just me and the little pipsqueak. I was finally going to blog about it this weekend…got a little busy.

    And Kate? She is my tiniest baby so far…I mean, there are other tiny babies but when they start big and then don’t stay big, they sure do feel small! Lindsay, however, was the “fattest baby you have ever seen” – she laughs so much when we say that!

  2. so fun it’s a good thing to have great family around. some of those pics. made me miss that school a little. saw josh a few weeks ago at the schools bon fire and that was super fun. i just love that guy!

  3. What a fun time! Does it ever happen to you that when you tell people you went to Romania on a mission, they start to tell you people they know that went to Bulgaria? That happened to me just on Sunday. Weird. It’s like – no, I went to Romania. I mean, Saren is the only person I know of who went to Bulgaria – and no one ever asks me if I know her 🙂

  4. Oh I don’t even know if Saren would remember me from Academy for Girls? She looks just the same and with 5 little ones. How fun to have such a great weekend. I love family visits and we don’t get enough of them out here in VA!

  5. Yes, when Saren told us she was having twins we all lost our jaws. She was in our ward here in CA. Love her.
    Can’t believe how big her kids are getting!

  6. Man I lOVE every one of these pictures. It sure is a good thing that I got a new big fridge and freezer at Baliwood so I can post a whole gallery! Man, I love you three “big kids”!

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