My brother is the master of rattlesnakes as far as my kids are concerned. Do you think they’re excited about that snake?? He killed a rattlesnake one evening and the kids were so enthralled with it that he and his wife skinned it for them(yep, we’re the proud new owners of a true, bona fide, baby rattlesnake skin…how could they not give it to Max when he pleaded so much for it?). My brother and his wife also grilled up some of the meat for the kids. Now that’s a night they’ll remember. After that every night they pleaded with my brother to take them “rattlesnake hunting.” Alas, they never got another one. If it were up to them they’d wallpaper their bedrooms with the skins.

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  1. Hmm… I never expected to see a post on your blog named “Rattlesnakes,” Shawni! I love that photo – how each child’s face is a totally different expression 🙂 You captured jsut the right moment.

  2. I love Grace’s face in this picture. so cute. I wish we would go on a vacation ourselves… maybe someday when school is done. looks like you guys had some serious good times.

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