I am so far behind. 
Grace’s birthday was yesterday.  It was awesome.
Max’s Eagle project is killing us…but is giving me a renewed love for the scout program.  He is learning so much (and so am I).  
I have been trying to finagle high school classes for Max and Elle next year and squeeze a bunch of doctor/dentist apts. in.  
…and trying to clear off my desk that is always piled high.  
Until I can get more pics of the happenings around here uploaded, please enjoy Lucy’s latest artwork:
I personally can obviously not get enough of it.
I have been fishing these things out of the trash if someone mistakenly throws them away.
I just love how her mind works. 
What is in that sweet mind of hers when she creates these things? I mean, what prompts her to draw a rainbow across a face or color in a face?  Are they daydreaming about gumballs?
They’re all so different.
That last one deserves a close-up detail shot:
How does she come up with how far to draw the pink lines…and when to attach the blue ones and how far the dots should go?  I’m convinced she’s got a rhyme and reason for everything.
On this one, she drew a perfect picture and then grabbed a fist-full of markers to cover it with little streaks.
When I asked her why she was “ruining” the picture she claimed that she was making the “party.” 
Am I biased or is that darn cute?

She says she’s going to be an artist when she grows up (along with having seven children: five girls and two boys).

I think she’s already got the artist part down:)

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  1. You should check out finedoodles.com, they take childrens art and paint canvas out of them. They're pricey, but they're fun! I thought it would be fun to do one for each kid at a certain age.

  2. she's looking so much like Grace these days! LOVE her art! I personally think you ought to upload it all to blurb and make her a book of her artwork! it's so awesome!!! love love love that she loves to draw and makes me remember my girls at this age and how much they just drew with wild abandon and didn't care if anything looked perfect…(well sometimes my perfectionist child did get upset if she couldn't get things pERFECTLY)…

  3. I'm a little bit of an artist myself and I can tell you that Lucy has talent! She clearly sees things in ways that other people don't. I would say that no matter what her vision issues are (or become) she will always see the world in bright and beautiful ways! How awesome for her and you!

  4. I love her artwork! I have a son that is non-stop too, but I'm not so proactive at getting them uploaded to his blog.

    I have to tell you, I read every post you put up, so in my mind we are apparently friends… I say this because I had a dream I was visitng you in your new home. It was nice to meet such a fun person!

  5. I find Lucy's artwork fascinating. Especially all those dots. Her mind is amazing and I think she might be a genius. Seriously!

  6. These are really good, so much detail and color!! I would call these MASTERPIECES FOR SURE!! They are so happy, must be because she is one HAPPY little girl. Thanks so much for sharing these, totally made me smile!

    What gorgeous hair she has, just like her big sisters.

  7. Shawn, these are amazing! She is an artist. Your artistic genes mixed with her creative unique minds makes for true masterpieces. I love that Lu and can't wait to see her soon.

  8. This is really quite startling! Not only is the form amazing but she has such a natural feeling for complimenting colors. Maybe she should think about doing wallpaper. She is just a treasure trove of creative, upbeat creations that make you smile!

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