We packed up and headed out as early as possible on New Years Eve.

I mean, when you have a high school senior, you can’t think about being away from home for New Years for crying out loud! She needed to be there with all those friends to ring in the new year.

Ok, and the rest of us thought it would be great to be back as well, so we drove.

Once again, through this:

Luckily no “squall” this time, but yikes, scary stuff out on those roads!

We could finally breathe when we got here:

Which is good, because just look at that gorgeousness with those layers of clouds!

Loved watching the sun set behind the mountains filling up the sky with the last little bits of 2021.

We got back in time to hustle and change, and head over to Dave’s brother’s house for a New Years celebration.

Fun game up above where you roll a can across the counter and try to get it to “land” perfectly between the blue tape where there were rewards (cash, gift cards, etc.) The can has to be right in the center, can’t be touching the tape in order to get the prize. You have to have a good touch and Lucy was excited she got it for her turn and won $2. WooHoo!

We also played “One and Done,” because that’s apparently just what we do with big groups.

It always makes for a good time.

LOVE these expressions on these faces when it was announced who had to jump in the pool (the person who lost the game):

(Zoom in on those puppies if you can.)

She was such a good sport and took a great dive into that icy water.

A blurry picture from midnight:

And some fireworks to welcome a brand new year:

Love these cousins:

Love that I could be with my handsome date:

And that Claire got to be at her beloved New Years party she had been pining away to get home in time for.

Her face says it all about how excited she was to be there:)

Love that she and her cousin Ava have combined so many friends and adventures even though they don’t attend the same high school.


The next morning we got to go to the Fiesta Bowl with these two:

(Part of Dave’s work from an auction.)

It was pretty cool.

Pretty exciting game I have to say.

Back for some New Years gorgeousness:

And some pickleball too:

Still, eleven days in, I cannot believe we are in 2022. I swear it was just Y2K.

But it’s gonna be a good year.

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  1. Does Claire Date or have a boyfriend? Is it me or do kids not date anymore? they just “hang out & make out” i would love you thoughts on this!

    1. Claire says to say she’s more of the “make out” than the “hang out,” Ha! (She’s kidding.) She had a boyfriend last year for a little bit but not this year and there’s lots of hanging out, but some fun dates mixed in here and there. You’re right, kids don’t date a lot these days in my opinion but every once in a while someone comes up with a fun date idea.

  2. Love all the fun adventures you document here! I am so curious about what the rules are about Covid in AZ? I am in Canada and there are still strict mask mandates and gathering limits enforced – currently no indoor dining or gyms open, etc. It seems like a different world there! Do you have a lot of cases? I’m just genuinely curious and very hopeful we can have some semblance of normal here too – your blog gives me hope! Take care.

    1. Covid is so interesting. There are so many different protocols and differences of opinion and yes, the “rules” vary so much from place to place! These days masks are pretty optional around here although I know there are many new cases. So the mask option may change coming up, who knows? Covid is just such a huge question-mark in so many ways! I am hopeful right along with you that you can also get some semblance of normal where you live. I cannot believe how long this thing is hanging on!

  3. Thanks for responding Shawni. The last few years have been interesting for sure. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is how you highlight the beauty in everyday moments – it’s the little things that have been bringing joy to these weird times! Certainly things I took for granted before I’m so grateful for now. Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best for 2022.

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