Well, Blissful Living Studio is doing an AWESOME fundraiser for the Nielsens on Saturday. They have put so much work into this, and there are going to be so many great things to bid on.

This is how it works:
1) Go to this blog right now: http://welovethenielsons.blogspot.com

2) Browse through all the great stuff to bid on.

3) Bid on what you want.

4) Feel really happy because you got yourself something great, AND you totally helped the Nielsens. And they really need it!

5) If you have no idea what in the heck I’m talking about and want to find out more, go HERE, or HERE, or HERE.

6) Go to the studio on Saturday if you want to see all the stuff in person and have a chance to enter the raffle and have fun in all the hype they’ve got going on over there.

On a side note… there is an SEPphotography (that’s me) photo session up for grabs on that blog and on Saturday! If you’re interested in booking a photoshoot after the new year, this may be a great time to get in gear and get it planned. Click HERE for more info. about that. I’m excited that I get to do something to help out but I was late getting the info. in to the people in charge so they just barely added it, so go bid!

Happy bidding!

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