I know I’ve talked a lot about our friend McKenna before. Elle’s friend who has a golden voice and who’s music we feel every time we listen to her. Most of the time Cinematic Pop is the Sunday music of choice to fill up our house. And guess what? That McKenna girl of ours is our favorite American Idol contestant.

Yep, she tried out and it is exciting business around here.

The thing about McKenna is that not only does she have an incredible voice, but she is down-to-earth and vulnerable and makes you feel like her best friend every time you talk to her. So this is extra fun.

I already shared the promotional video American Idol sent out before the first show aired, but it was so fun that her family had a “watch party” for the first episode.

You see, we are not the only McKenna Breinholt fans out there. And it seems that her fanship is growing by the day.

I loved being at that watch party with so many friends and family we love.

They were all filling up the barn:

…as well as filling up the yard with another projected showing out there.

SO much excitement in the air, cheering when McKenna made her appearance, and cheering at the end.

McKenna and my friend Lisa were nestled in the front, just glowing from not only this big deal thing, but from life and the refiner’s fire they’ve both been through to get here (you’ll find out more about that when you watch!).

I love that McKenna is one of Lucy’s biggest idols:

Love that Elle and Carson sent this video in our group family chat of them tuning in with friends from Florida:

Anyway, just wanted to share this special “good news” from here in the desert.

We love you forever McKenna, sure rooting for you!

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