Welp, there has been a pretty grand swirl of activity going on around here…our big annual reunion at Bear Lake, lots of cousin/family bonding, Murphy’s first movie (ha!), and Lucy’s first day of school today in the 117 degree projected heat. It’s hard to know where to start catching up. But I decided maybe best to start with something pretty special that happened on Sunday: a beautiful symbol of parental love and a blessing for Murphy Jane.

We stayed in Utah after the reunion so that we could be there for Murphy’s blessing day.

Remember we gave Abby a “Mother’s Blessing” as we showered her with gifts and advice before Murphy’s arrival. Kind of a new tradition that I’d love to keep as each of our grandchildren arrive. Maybe there should be a “Father’s Blessing” like that too…I mean, dads need all the luck they can get as well, don’t you think?

Murphy’s Special Blessing

Well, this blessing on Sunday was for Murphy. In our church we have a tradition of the father blessing the baby with her name and a special Father’s blessing. Max and Abby asked Abby’s mom if they could hold the blessing at her beautiful home and it was just such a sacred day filled up with family and friends who all love Murphy.

There is something so very special about these parents.

Max and Abby with baby Murphy on her blessing day

Oh I know I’m biased, but I just think they work so well together, and the love they have for Murphy is so tangible you can feel it. They were born to be parents in my opinion.

Murphy wore the same blessing dress Abby and her sisters wore when they got their own special father’s blessings as babies:

Murphy in her blessing dress

Here’s Abby when she wore the same dress:

Abby in the same blessing dress when she was a baby

Abby’s mother wore that dress for her own blessing too. I love that sentimentality.

Max and Abby welcomed everyone, and Abby said a few words of gratitude filled with love.

Then Max offered up the most beautiful blessing for Murphy Jane.

I sat there listening with tears in my eyes, so grateful for that kid of mine who has grown to be such a great man, through trials and troubles along the way.

And so grateful for that baby who has brought us more joy than we could ever have imagined.

Murphy in her blessing dress

These are the immediate family members who stood in the circle with Max:

And these were all the cousins from our side who showed up in support:

All the Pothier cousins who were there to help celebrate Murphy's blessing.

Oh how I love them all!

Four generations:

Proud parents and new grandparents:

The parents and new grandparents with Murphy.

…and great-grandparents:

Kicking myself I didn’t get Abby’s grandparents in this picture too, dang it!

Charity and Evie (some of Murphy’s biggest fans and best supporters), were there too:


It was a pretty special day for Miss Murph, who hopefully felt the love all surrounding her in every direction.

Love you and your parents forever, Miss Muprhy Jane!

Shawni and Dave with Murphy and her parents

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  1. I am so blown away at the idea that Max is a dad…I have read this blog on and off for years (not due to lack of love, due to lack of time) and it just seems like yesterday your babies were still…babies!

    I love the idea of a father’s blessing! In our family before weddings we do a Tool shower for the husbands (usually while the women are at the bridal shower!) and then we do a Dad’s diaper drive…the women still get the traditional baby shower, but men bring a big package of diapers and wipes and/or gift cards to Target for the dad. He also always gets a Dad diaper bag! One of the things we do is have a big stack of diapers (of different sizes) with sharpie markers. All the men write a funny joke or parenting tip on them so that when the men are changing diapers, they have some “help”. Lol. Love family traditions like that!

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