Oh I’m so excited for General Conference this weekend. So I wanted to post about three ideas to get the most out of General Conference.

You see, all kinds of leaders from our church will be speaking. Sharing messages of hope and healing and gratitude and forgiveness.

general conference at the Conference Center

For me, it’s such a great weekend to feel renewed and refreshed. To examine where I am and where I want to be going. Also, more importantly, I love to think of where God wants me to be going. Am I even on the right track in what I do from day to day?

General Conference comes twice a year. It is broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, and watched by people all over the globe. All are welcome to tune in, from anywhere in the world and from any background of faith. I believe there is something for everyone. Over the years particular talks have “spoken” right to me in profound ways as I’ve searched for answers in my life. I would love to hear any thoughts from readers about the talks that are coming.

Three ideas to get the most out of general conference

Getting “the most” out of General Conference for me means seeking my own personal inspiration for growth and progression. And forging ideas and ways to help me feel closer to the Savior. I want to feel promptings to help me do better. To be better. Life is all about progression. And there’s so much we can learn. So here are three things I’m planning to do as I get ready to listen.

Ponder and write down personal questions

Oh, I’m looking for answers. Aren’t we all? Whether it’s how to parent, what’s our next step in life, how to overcome differences, how to love our neighbor better. These things take time and effort to figure out.

So sometimes taking time to ponder and articulate them is so powerful.

So, take time to think about what you’re worried about right now. What you’re struggling with. And take those worries and questions to conference with you.

Take notes by hand, not on your computer or phone

Why you may ask? Well, there is so much science that proves that when you actually write…I’m talking pen and paper writing…what you are writing has so much more power to sift it’s way into your heart.

I have a conference journal I have kept for years. It is filled with little thoughts and gems I’ve learned from the speakers at General Conference.

Have I ever gone back and read them? Hardly ever. And that’s ok. Because the process of writing is what’s the most important. Making that contact with pen on paper helps solidify ideas and thoughts in your brain.

Find someone you love and trust to discuss what you learn along the way

It helps so much after you hear something that speaks to you to be able to discuss it. Ask how other’s see particular principles. Ask questions about what doesn’t make sense. Praise the good things you listened to. I love that when I’m looking for particular things to make comments about, I’m so much more engaged in what is being taught. There are a few ways to do this:

  • If your family is spread out far and wide like mine is, have a group text or thread on WeChat or GroupMe where everyone can comment or add interjections about thoughts or things that stuck out to them. I love that my Eyre family has done this for years. I love to hear their thoughts and the things they love. Helps me concentrate more. (There are a LOT of talks!). Now that my own kids are older and listening in their own corners of the world, I’m hoping we can start doing this too.
  • If you have little kids, they can still discuss! Create space for them to share what they think by planning an ice cream party or cookie baking at some point after or in between conference sessions. Ask what everyone learned. Sure, lots of kids will just look at you with a blank stare. “What did I learn in conference? What even is conference?” Ha! After all those hours of listening. Yep, this is real life we’re talking about here. It takes time to learn to sit and listen. But creating time to discuss will help them “baby-step” their way into more listening in the future.
Jesus ministering to people of all types and all backgrounds.

More ideas?

There you go! My three big ideas for getting more out of conference. I know there are so many other ideas out there. Conference Bingo has been awesome over the years for my little kids. Cinnamon rolls are always a must.

Often we have brunch between sessions and invite neighbors over.

When the kids were all home we always had lots of things to doodle or create while listening that seemed to help.

Ha on those facemasks up there! Anything to get them listening, right?

This year Dave, Lucy and I get to go to an actual session at the conference center for Lucy’s birthday.

Any way you look at it, conference can be such a beautiful way to forge connection not only with God, but with others who are close to us. As we discuss and dig deeper into our spiritual selves, our hopes and dreams can take all new directions or focuses.

I know people sometimes hesitate to write comments here about particular things they do in their own families, but I’d so love to hear any ideas! We have so much to learn from each other.

Happy Conference Weekend!

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  1. We live in a tiny home, have for years. Some of our bigger take up more space toys stay in the garage. Like all their stuffed animals and their play tent. We bring all those out and get new art supplies… we call them the conference ferry’s! They come every Friday night before conference and then put everything back Sunday night! The kids LOVE conference because of this!

    1. This is such a fun idea! I bet they’re having fun and so excited right about now since it’s Saturday morning. Thank you for sharing and have the best conference weekend!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Our ministering brother makes a big deal out of conference for our kids! One year he turned a “guess who” game into a conference guess who with all of the church leaders on it.
    This year he went all out with treats and activities for the kids to do that he dropped off the night before. It was so nice!!
    My ministering sister gave me a journal to take notes in. So thoughtful.
    Makes me want to do something for those I minister to next time.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. It’s usually a high-calorie weekend for us. lol! Lots of snacks and treats. This year I bought some paint by numbers on canvas and that was a really great way to keep kids’ hands busy and hopefully their ears and hearts open.

  4. I personally think that going to a conference may be a good opportunity to get acquainted with people who share the same interests and are into the same things as you. I also think that it is a great way of spending time actually! Brunches are really cool and bounding, speaking of my experience. You both eat and discuss important things. Plus you can get educated while speaking with smart people. So why not visiting a conference to hit a combo tho? Love such people as you. Let us all be happy.. Thank you for this article and have a great day! 

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