Welp, we have finished up two weeks of spring break here in the desert.

Yes you heard that right, we have TWO whole weeks of spring break. I’m mad about it because it makes it so we start school inching further and further into mid JULY. But I’m happy about it because there’s just something about a break in the schedule. Especially for Lu who works her tail off harder than any other kid I know at school. So I guess I’m more happy than mad;)

We spent the first part of spring break in Utah.

Oh boy. So many people to love in that spot I tell you. So many people I wish I could have seen and loved more. But we sure crammed in what we could.

Carson’s school/clinic hours are so slow right now before graduation that they were freed up to come from Florida to join us to ski, so we had ALL but Claire there with us for a couple nights. I looked around many times just gulping down my pride in those kids I adore so much.

I grew up in Utah not a skier and Dave grew up in the desert, a die-hard skier. Because of his dad. Who grew up ski racing:

He loved it so much that any time he could possibly squeeze skiing in, he did.

Nine kids? No problem. He was there for it.

I imagine him working so hard to get all those little hands into gloves and shoving all those feet into those horribly uncomfortable boots😉. For the patience it takes to put up with the whining while teaching the “pizza” ski position. (And let’s not forget to mention Dave’s mom, who, although not a skier, sure supported those efforts in every way she could.)

I love that Dave is doing his darnedest to carry on that tradition in our family.

(With an additional cousin up there on the left.)

So far so good. Even Lucy gave in to give it another try this year. ❤️ (Didn’t last too long, but we’ll take it!)

God job Dave. And good job Papa.

All your work is paying off.

Moments I want to remember:

–Following those kids down the huge moguls on all the black diamonds, happily waiting for me when I was slow.

–The way the giant snowflakes looked coming at us as we skied…like a Star Wars movie when we were going, and like pure magic when we were still. Examining those perfect snowflakes on our jacket sleeves, in awe of their creator.

–Everyone red-faced, hair ruffled, snow pants rustling and the best kind of tired, sipping hot chocolate at the end of the day.

–Everyone’s delight having Murphy around. I loved that I got her all to myself one morning when Dave and I were taking turns skiing the day when everyone was there. The way her body curls into mine while reading a book.

She’s growing up so fast.

–Sitting at the table that first night with Elle and Grace just missing Claire. (This was before Max and Abby arrived.) We all got a little teary-eyed with how proud we are of her power and light. Also teary because we all miss her so much. I hope she can feel all the love we are spilling over her way.

–Reunions so happy to see each other…and some fun games.

–Thai dinner sitting around the table with my mom and sisters one night (our podcast sleepover night), so much to catch up on, so much to delve into. Never enough time.

–Late-night podcast recording all huddled together in the bunk room, complete with laughing fits and tears with these wise women.

–Climbing through the mud and snow with our chains on our shoes, sisters trying to hear each other over the crunch, crunch, crunch of the snow below. Headstands at the top with the valley stretched out below, and more recording.

Four podcasts recorded all together to be aired soon (you can listen to the first four this season on any podcast platform though!) which I love, learning and growing together as we talk. And always wishing for more time to sit and be. I have so much to learn from my sisters.

–Teary about cousins too. I cried to my sister-in-law about how grateful I was she was willing to help facilitate gathering. And I’m teary thinking about my sister helping to arrange as well. I am a basketcase about friends for Lucy right now. Those cousins are pure gold and I’m so grateful. Means the world to me. And to Lu.

–Lucy kept on her kick of wanting to exercise and we did a little workout with her each day. Oh she got grumpier by the day, but she was the self-starter to get this going which is so good for her.

Oh there were some not-so-glowing moments too, especially with trying to cram in so much into a few days. But I just felt like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world to get to be with this crew (and my sisters) in Utah.

Then is was off to Iowa for some doctor appointments for Lu…coming soon.

Utah, thanks for being so good to us!

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  1. Murphy is so cute. I can’t believe that she’s nearly 11 months.

    I think you put Dad instead of Mum in the post.

    If possible, please could you get Josh to try & mend the subscription thing? I often miss other people’s comments because of this.

    1. Hi Julie! I don’t see where I put dad up there, but hopefully it makes sense!

      I did ask Josh about the subscription thing, but I’ll try again. I’m so sorry that’s not working!!

      Sending you lots of love!

      1. It’s this part: And let’s not forget to mention Dave’s dad, who, although not a skier, sure supported those efforts in every way she could

        Thank you.

  2. Did you learn how to ski as an adult, Shawni? How was that process for you? I’ve only skiied 2-3 times ever (I went to college in Vermont and we had our own ski slope!) but it would be fun to do more!

    1. I skied a handful of times growing up, but really started to learn more in earnest after I was married. Dave just loves it so much and I’m so grateful he’s sharing this love with me and our family! You can definitely learn as an adult! I think I’m a little more hesitant and slow, (I just don’t want to get hurt!), but I love following everyone down the mountains!

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