We have been out of town for Spring Break so I’m trying to get my heart and mind in gear for this beautiful Holy Week leading up to Easter.

One gift I’m giving myself for Easter is a “screen-time challenge” with my family. Whoever has the least screen-time by the end of the week gets a still-to-be-determined “prize.”

What’s that you say? I’ve already done that deal before? Ha, yes, it was my gift to myself for Mother’s Day a couple years ago too.

But don’t we all need a little accountability practice again and again?

I was turned on to this idea from a Richard Rohr meditation:

We can spend our whole lives rattling around inside of ideas, rarely touching upon what is right in front of us, when it’s the “givens” that heal us and reconnect us to Reality...

In Scripture we read, “What can be known about God is perfectly plain, since God has made it plain. Ever since God created the world, God’s everlasting power and divinity, however invisible, have been there for the mind to see in the things that God has made” (Romans 1:19–20). Every day, we are given a natural way to reconnect with God and it doesn’t depend upon intelligence, education, or a religion. It depends on really being present and connecting with the soul.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just standing in my garden [or my family]. If I get my email first or start worrying and planning my day, the moment’s over. It’s done because I’m not really present. But we can preserve and protect those sacred moments before we read the news or check our email, before we look at social media or review the day’s agenda. If we can find a way to be present to the “givens,” especially the natural “givens,” I believe we can be happy.

Richard Rohr

If you have time, read that whole Richard Rohr meditation because it is SO GOOD.

I’m hoping this will help me, despite a whole slew of “to-dos” waiting for me after being gone, to keep focused on the Savior. And this week full of miracles we celebrate.

AND those natural ways to connect with nature and those who are most important to me.

Come on and join us if you want to give yourself the same Easter gift.

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  1. Why? Why is there always a challenge and why is the challenge always pressured to be all family participating? Sometimes it is not you that starts it. Seems to be an equal amount of taking turns in who starts these things. I do not understand the need in the COJCOLDS world to constantly find fault with oneself and improve oneself and to do so publicly. Is there no satisfaction in the way you already are? We are humans. We are supposed to be a little bit messy.

    1. Sounds like a strong opinion !

      Many many people want to look at improving their lives in healthy ways and it inspires me personally and it’s something many people find great value in

      Sounds like you don’t and that’s fine

    2. To me, challenging yourself to do better in an area where you are struggling (i.e. too much time distracted on your phone from what’s more important), is a way to get more out of life. I believe part of life is seeking for ways to learn and grow. Like reading an educational book, going to college, trying something new. I don’t think anyone feels pressure, if they want to join they do. This is not something specific to our church, there are all kinds of books on self improvement out there that help people on their path to growth and learning. Atomic Habits is one of my favorites, all about how changing little things can make a big impact. As human beings we always have something to learn and grow from. Let me know if this isn’t hitting on what you are getting at.

      Let me know more if this doesn’t make sense, I’m curious where you’re coming from.

      Like Tarina says below, no worries if this is not

  2. Wondering if screen time also includes texts to family etc as that is always my challenge. I want to communicate with my kids and loved ones but it’s also mostly what screen time is in lots of cases .. what are your thoughts on this Shawni ?

    1. Good question. It’s just any screen time on the phone. I have been answering texts on my computer when I’m sitting down to work. And also I’ve been calling rather than texting which feels quite refreshing. I have honestly had the best week ever being more present with my family, they have totally noticed the difference and I have too. But I will say I have missed a few important things too! Whoops! It’s hard to find a balance!

      1. Makes sense
        So true the phone is constant where the computer is more deliberate
        Interesting post and article that made me think a lot thanks ! And happy Easter to you and your family xox

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