Now that school’s started and we’re home from China I have to come to the stark realization that the sun has set on my summer glory days. As much as I do love being back on a schedule again (even though we’re not really, because being glued to the Olympics until wee hours of the morning threw a hanger in the school routine before we left and jet lag has done the trick since we got home) there’s a humongous chunk of me that is so sad it all passed so fast.Dave told me the other day that this blog sounded kind of like I was complaining this summer with all the craziness going on at Bear Lake. He thought that was silly considering that I was in my own little paradise up there. I just want to set the record straight…I’m SO incredibly thankful we got to be up there. I know other moms “get it” that even when you’re having the time of your life the nitty gritty details don’t disappear. And I just like to keep it real here on the good old blog.

Summer just passed by way too fast. Seriously, who thought of the idea to start school on August 6th anyway??

Some extra summer straggling memories I wanted to write down before I forget:

My mom hosted her annual “Grammie Camp” up at the Lighthouse. The kids think this is the most awesome thing ever. She teaches them a little about their ancestors and they have a sleepover. My dad entertained the little kids with his traditional fairytale-story-acting-out and the contents of his “treasure chest.”
My brother blessed his new baby up at the lake. We couldn’t get enough of that sweet girl.We visited Hogle Zoo.

The kids survived a bunch of injuries.(That or they were just completely enamored by the vast assortment of slings and braces my parents have collected over the years…you make the call.)
We made new records on how many people we could stuff in and on these little cars to get to and from the beach.
I admired Grace’s eyelashes…
…and then realized they don’t hold a candle to her cousin Isaac’s!
Lucy “helped” me test the lighting for various photo shoots.
Max and Elle glued themselves to my parent’s guitars.
We got my family going on Rock Band one night…I love the looks of concentration on their faces in this picture.
The cousins couldn’t get enough of each other.
My brothers are the best uncles. Seriously. I couldn’t be more thankful for their examples… especially to Max. They’re like the big brothers he never had.
All but one decided Dave was so good-looking with his buzz that they had to do it too…they would never admit that was the reason but come on, who wouldn’t want to look like Dave??
The kids made up various games all summer. They never once got bored.
Lucy and her cousin Elsie had a great time. I’m glad Lucy didn’t squish her.We ended the summer with my sister’s birthday bash…And my parent’s anniversary. Man I love these guys with all my heart, and I love that they make it possible for us to be up at Bear Lake all summer. I can never thank them enough for that.
I got to have my annual slumber party with my high school girlfriends. Oh man I love these girls.
We got to spend some good time with Dave’s family up there too. We spent time with them in Rexburg and Layton and got to have dinner with them in Salt Lake one night. Dave’s little brother and his wife who we hadn’t seen in ages were visiting there from Milwalkee (these photos are compliments of her…I stole them from her blog). Plus Dave’s parents were in town. We love you guys!

So, goodbye summer. I’ll be counting down the days ’til you come around again.

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  1. hi shawni
    i just wanted to comment on your comment you left on my blog about your lucy and my sarah looking so much alike….amen sister, man how did they look so much alike…are we related down the line? you can check a blog out that i started just for her at

    that one is all about her and the things she has gone through and the miracles that have come along. There are a lot of pictures to compare the two girls too! I still can’t believe how much they look alike!

  2. I love your posts Shawni! I’m so glad you had such a great time in China (I had to laugh at the Snickers picture, because that’s all I ate for 3 1/2 weeks when I was there!). I too have a hard time saying good-bye to summer. I often am tempted to just pull the out and “home school” (I would probably be terrible but we’d sure have a lot of fun!). I heard you met my cousin Brynne at Mrs. Gleason’s class. So fun! We had Mrs. Gleason too when we lived there. Isn’t she the best?! Have a great day. Miss you guys! And still want to come to your photo class, when is it? Darcy

  3. I hear you. Summer needs to be longer than eight weeks. Especially when you are having that much fun. you just need time to get bored. We flew in from CA at midnight the night before Ellie started school. Maybe not such a bright idea, but we sucked up the last few seconds of summer. And totally worth it!

  4. Tell your hubbie that we mommies need to share the fun AND the challanges! Reading other mommy’s journeys helps us to keep celebrating the good, and helps us to keep our expectations real. I have five children as well–and to expect anything less than a bit of chaos with that would be unrealistic! Reading your life stories are a good reminder of that!

    Thanks for your super fun blog. I think you are darling and wish you lived closer so I could get to know you in person!


  5. You guys are so lucky – quite the magical summers! We spent ours in North Carolina and Oregon.

    I will for sure stay in touch. We may one of these days need some more SEP originals! I may need a photog class though. And yes, on the other class, my sister totally wants to do it and I will round up as many as I can. (but I have a lot of cheap friends so I don’t know…I will pay gobs to soak you up!!!)

  6. What a great summer and how nice to top it off with a trip to China with Dave. Sounds like you guys made the most of your time there. I love how all of the little Chinese people love to have their pics taken with you and Dave. Hilarious!

  7. I absolutely love your blog. Your kids and your photos are gorgeous. I like that you’re real about things. You’re right though, moms get it. I read all your posts from the lake and never thought that you were anything but thankful to have that family time there.

    Thanks for posting so much about your Olympic experience. It seems like an incredible trip. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should go to London in 2012.

  8. I love this post of just everything combined. Your family made some great memories with a jam packed summer. It was so fun to read your Olympic stories. What an experience! Glad you made it home safely.

  9. Thank you Shawni for your sweet comment on my blog. We’re making it! I need to do an update…. AND I feel your prayers. That’s the coolest thing!

    What a great summer you had. I love your pictures and all the smiles! Love!

  10. With a summer like that you would be crazy to want it to end.

    I loved all the photos. The one of your dad with Lucy on his lap was lovely and I laughed out loud at the one of your brother spinning the 2 boys by their ankles. My boys would have been begging to do that for hours on end!

    And amen to your comment about mom’s ‘getting it’ when you write about the chaos life and kids bring. Too true.

    When we were in Utah this summer, the kids were up very early one morning thanks to our bodies being on east coast time and my husband turned to me while we our girls were dumping out our suitcases on the floor and the boys were running up and down the stairs searching for this game and raiding the fridge and said, “Even when we are on vacation, we still have 5 kids.” Yes, the fun (and destruction) never stops!

    I am sure you would agree.

    (PS Thanks for your wonderful comments. You made my day. And if there was anyone who inspires me, it’s you. I love your upbeat, positive nature. It rubs us on all who read your blog!)

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