Lucy, lucky girl, usually gets to share her birthday with conference weekend. I tried to name this post “Lucy’s Birthday and Conference Weekend” and it looks like I already have several other posts with that same title. (So I was so clever and switched it up a bit…ha!)

I wrote seventeen things I love about this new seventeen year old on the big day, but here’s how that actual day went down.

This year we got to celebrate the big day in Utah.

With SO much family around (did I mention five of my eight siblings now live in Utah??) AND an opportunity to go to the conference center for one of the conference sessions.

Lucy was a little skeptical at first about that “SO” much family since she is quite particular about how this day goes down. Those details deserve a post all of their own, but for now I’ll just say it all turned out pretty awesome. This girl felt pretty doted on which is what it’s all about.

First of all though, let’s talk about the people who helped her celebrate the big day before we left town. It’s Fall Break here in the desert so everyone was heading out of town, but two cute girls took Lu to lunch that last day of school. It’s amazing what a little thing like lunch can do for this girl. (Wish I had a picture.)

My friends brought over some things too, as well as her YW leader and my ministering sister (who is also my friend).

Oh I’m just so grateful for that kindness.

We had a pre-birthday breakfast before we left town since we didn’t want to take presents to Utah with us.

Cute breakfast-baker:

Excited present-receiver:

Then we headed up to Utah where we met up with these darling cousins she adores:

And also Grace, Max, Abby, and Murphy.

We had what we call a “Pumpkin Palooza” sleepover where we made pumpkin bread (Lucy’s favorite)…and had pumpkin waffles in the morning. Of course, the “pumpkin palooza” was supposed to involve more pumpkin stuff, but thankfully this much did just fine!

We died with happiness to get this grandbaby in our arms. OH we love her so much!

Grace and I stayed up late to get the streamers and candy-bar-poster going, as per Lucy’s hints…she’s a tradition girl I tell you!

Outside the weather couldn’t have been a better birthday gift…just how Lu loves it. And those colors about took my breath away.

Ooooppp…let’s get a better look at that baby:

My sister brought over cinnamon rolls and we watched the first session of Sunday conference together.

Then these two and I headed to the conference center to settle in and watch the last session together.

It was so good to be there and let those words of wisdom wash over us.

Came back to soak in the gorgeousness of Fall:

That night we had a big dinner all together:

Had cake and ice cream:

And played our favorite “One and Done.”

This time around the loser(s) had to get peanut butter on their face (Mila decided she wanted to get in on the peanut butter even though she didn’t lose)…

…and let my sister’s dog lick it off. Gross I know, but it sure delighted everyone!


It was quite a weekend to celebrate all those good things mixed together.

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  1. Can you share your breakfast recipe (what Dave is holding)? I’ve made dutch babies before but they have never turned out like that! I need to know your baking secrets!

    1. They look like Yorkshire puddings that we have in the UK & are lovely.

      With ours, we either eat them with a roast dinner, especially beef, or for breakfast with golden syrup or jam on them. Wonderful.

      1. Julie, is there a secret to getting such a dramatic rise? I think “Dutch baby” is an American name for the same idea as Yorkshire pudding but mine never puff up as impressively as what’s in the photo…

        1. I’m not sure, as I only buy the frozen or packet ones. (I don’t cook from scratch)

          I’m sure Shawni will be able to give some tips tho.

          I’m really sorry that I’m unable to help. x

  2. It looked like Lucy had a wonderful birthday weekend. Lots of wonderful people caring for her.
    I know Lucy has health challenges that she handles, does that affect other areas? I know you said she has straight As this semester which is wonderful but I also noticed her gifts were Lego & chutes& ladders which are maybe not typical for a 17 year old. Does she have a delayed social behaviour? Just curious what her condition is.
    She’s a lovely young woman.

    1. Hey, lots of adults like Legos! Putting them together is relaxing, similar to doing a puzzle. I think a lot of people also enjoy the “collecting” aspect of Legos – it’s exciting to try and get a full collection of a particular line. And of course Lego keeps churning them out!

    2. Melissa is right, lots of adults like Legos. Lucy likes to keep her hands busy while she’s listening to books. She gave up on Legos for a while but I was also surprised when she asked for them for her birthday. It’s really difficult for her to see those tiny instructions. But now that she uses her magnifier regularly she has been loving working to put them together. It’s pretty tough with low vision, but she likes the challenge.
      Lucy does also suffers from delayed social behavior, as you mentioned. It’s difficult for her to understand social cues and to understand what is socially acceptable sometimes. But she sure is working on it.

      1. I know none of us needs more screen time, but the Lego Builder app is pretty great! You can look up all of your sets and access a digital version of the instructions where you can spin the model around and zoom in and out. It might be helpful to check out. I appreciate it just because the instruction books seem to immediately disintegrate at our house.

    3. My 21 year old and 19 year old are obsessed with Lego! I thought they’d ‘grow out of it’, but when you think about it, there isn’t really an age limit. It sure makes it easier to buy them gifts ha ha.

  3. How do you guys have a space big enough for all those cousins / families to sleep under the same roof? There’s a bunch of you, ha! Happy birthday Lucy!

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