We are so grateful for the incredible response we had yesterday with the grand LAUNCH of our sisters podcast.

Whoa, first hurdle over.

Thank you for joining us (and being patient with us) as we sort this whole journey out and shape it into what we want it to be. There is so much good in thinking about families.

Where we have come from.

Where we are going.

And our answers and thoughts won’t be the same as your answers and thoughts, but as we think about it all, hopefully we’ll get our own inspiration and ideas that will work for our own families (my sisters and I included!). We want your feedback on what you do in YOUR families so that we can share and make this a true community.

Lots more to come!

As for right now, just wanted to point you to a few things:

The “podcast launch party” is THIS FRIDAY.

What is a “podcast launch party?” you might ask? Well, we did too. Ha!

It is an opportunity to celebrate the launch together online, get-to-know-the-hosts, and you can ask any question you want (in the link below).

We’d love to have you join us! This is the way to get access to the “insider information”:)

Also, if you want to ask questions (ask us anything!!), go to this “story” on the @eyresisters Instagram feed and type in your questions in that question box dealio:

Click HERE and then go to the stories part.

(It looks like that question box won’t be there for much longer, so get over there and ask away! Also, Charity may add another one, but go check it out!)

ALSO, my sister Saydi also put together our “In the Arena” website:

Those screenshots just give you an idea, go explore it and let us know what you think over HERE (or let us know what you think here…). Soon there will be show notes and all that jazz to go along with the episodes.

It’s a work in progress, but we are SO excited as we watch it all start to take shape!!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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  1. Love the podcast, especially episode #2. 3 years ago – almost exactly – we visited your beloved Bear Lake at the end of a 3 week camping trip (where we also hit up Yellowstone Nat. Park and Moab). I fell in love with the lake, where we spent 3 glorious days.

    Camping is the gathering my husband’s family is into – which Charity alluded to camping being a more nomadic “gathering” place. The legacy his *grandparents began when they purchased 2 properties – one on a Lake, and one on a river – both in relatively rural areas of Washington State (our home state). It’s interesting have rooted places but a rather nomadic gathering activity. Our kids started camping at 8 months old (son) and 3 weeks old (daughter. To be fair, it’s more glamping – we camp in nicely appointed trailers or RVs. But it’s phenomenal the feeling we get when we go to these home away from homes… and the memories we’ve gained.

    My grandmother had a cottage in rural Alberta, Canada, which was my summer “gathering” spot as a child. I’d fly alone every summer to visit her for a few weeks, and my memories of those cottage summers are profound. The prairies are as flat can be, and Alberta is well known for yellow fields of canola – so the drives were beautiful and YELLOW! My crazy summer there involved the triple threat – I got sunburnt BADLY, got a bad case of “Lake itch”, and – last but not least – completely annihilated by mosquito bites. I was sure a sight to see!

    Loved the podcast and the topic – it really made me think and feel 😊.

  2. I sure enjoyed these podcasts. I missed the launch party because I check in here mostly Sundays, but I hope it was fun!
    My father passed away when I was young and my mother soon remarried. The situation was not ideal. I wanted to raise my children in a different way than I was. I watched families I came in contact with to get ideas before I was married. I’m still learning, and so I loved hearing all the stories and experiences from the different sisters. It didn’t matter to me whether you said your names or not before speaking because I was all good stuff. Plus I could detect certain voices a little bit and recording quality sounded different between sisters. I could replay if I wanted to figure out who was speaking. Maybe you’ll even end up doing some podcasts individually for certain topics, regardless, I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. This was a joy beyond measure to see you four woman looking so happy and engaging. This is going to be an incredible adventure for all of us!

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