HOORAY!!! The day is finally here!!

The day we’ve been working toward to launch our first three podcast episodes.

A Sisters Podcast on Growing Up Eyre

I announced we were going to do this clear back in APRIL (back HERE), and as I mentioned later (HERE), it’s taken a lot of trial and error to get it all situated.

You see, part of having this Eyre gene we all share is that we all try to pack too much into one day (like, sometimes really ridiculously too much, maybe we need some counseling from listeners, ha!), so to try to find times we could all talk, let alone record has been messy business I tell you!

But it has been such a good journey and we are so excited.

We have some funny/endearing/deliberate/little-bit-crazy things to share from our growing-up family.

And how it translates into our own mothering journeys.

I want to give you fair warning that this is will be a work in progress for a little while. We are still trying to get the sound right, still experimenting with recording and hosting platforms, diligently working on the best way to get interaction with our audience. (The website is still in construction.)

But part of our philosophy is if we wait for it to be perfect it will never happen.

So come join us “In the Arena.”

You can find links to all kinds of podcast hosting apps over HERE (how exciting is that??), but you can also search for it in whatever podcast app you generally use. Please let us know if you have any difficulty finding it so we can troubleshoot. (hint: you’ll have to type the whole name “In the Arena with the Eyre Sisters” until it starts to generate higher clicks.)

We have released three episodes just for this week to get people a feel for all that is coming up.

From here on out, we will release one each week.

These are the three available now:

The Introductory Episode is HERE.

(I’m not sure which app is best to link, so if that link doesn’t work try your favorite podcast app.) In this episode we talk all about why we are doing this thing anyway, why we picked the name “In the Arena,” and we talk through how we are all interlinked and interrelated in a family of nine kids (where we are in the family, etc.).

Saren and I were “partners in crime” from the beginning:

(The two oldest), then there was one boy (Josh), then Saydi, and then FOUR brothers in a row, then the caboose, Charity.

This episode also previews some of the things we’ll be talking about in future episodes.

The Oregon Episode is HERE.

In this episode we talk about the “little-bit-crazy” idea our parents had to go camp in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, hours from any small town, and build a log cabin. Guys, the more I think about this the more incredible I think it was. How did our parents even come up with that idea? And how did they actually execute that idea??

Yeah, you don’t want to miss that one;)

I look like a really happy teenager to take on that adventure, right?

I wrote a blog post about that back HERE, (I was the “family record keeper” and there are pictures of my journal entries there. And I wrote about how my brothers have carried on the tradition HERE, but this podcast goes into so many more details and I think you’ll like it;)

The Bear Lake Episode is HERE.

In this episode we tell details of the story of how that family gathering place came to be. And why we all love it so much.

It has cradled us all since we were babies, and also since all our babies (the grandchildren) were babies.

All kinds of information about the Eyrealm Reunions we hold there each summer over HERE, but I’ve never talked about the story of how it all came to be.

So come listen!

We want your suggestions as to what you’d like to hear in future episodes, we want you to share the parenting advice you have gleaned in your own parenting journeys and backgrounds. We want to share the good and the real and the fact that we’re all in this together. We’ll take any podcasting advice as well.

Basically, we want to be connected. Connection is such a beautiful thing!

We hope to build a community of women who can learn from each other. We believe that as we examine our own journeys, we can figure out better where we want to go.

And guess what? We’re having a “podcast launch party” THIS FRIDAY!

If you don’t know what that is (like I didn’t:), Check out the @theeyresisters Instagram page to figure out how to join us, we’d love to have you!

If you can follow that account and invite any others you think would be interested, we’d love you forever.

(Well, we’ll love you forever anyway.)

So there you go, listen away.

Sending all our love!


Other links for our sister’s podcast:

“The Eyre Sisters” Instagram account

(Come follow along so you can know what’s coming up)

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The Two-Week Prior Announcement

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  1. I already listened to almost all three podcasts yesterday and they were so good! Reminded me of sitting and chatting with my sisters. 🙂 I still have to try and pick out who is who when you’re talking, but I’m sure as more podcasts come out I will learn your voices better. Keep it up!

  2. I would love to hear how living in different countries has changed how you live and view your home country. How has it shaped you and what 1 thing have you taken from that country and integrated into your life. what does that country do that you miss. Going on holiday is one thing, living somewhere even if they speak the same language is different. I would love to hear all of your views on this.

  3. I listened to all 3 this morning at the gym and loved them! I have a question about the family vacations or retreats…..if you do one with the mother’s family and one with the father’s family and then start trying to do them with your own nuclear family that takes up a lot of time. Do you think eventually you will stop the Bear Lake and just do your own individual families as they continue to grow?

  4. Fun! I just listened to the intro episode.

    All of your voices sound very similar (with the possible exception of Saydi) so to my ear it’s hard to hear the podcast as a conversation between 4 people with different perspective. Maybe I’ll be able to tease it out once I listen more? For now, it kinda sounds like one person talking

    1. I thought Charity was the only one who sounded different. Shawni sounds exactly like her momma! It was FANTASTIC! I’m so excited to listen to all of these!

  5. I’m listening to the Bear Lake episode right now and while I understand the desire to viewview your dad’s using (as one of you put it) ALL your parents’ money, without your mother’s knowledge or consent (including cashing in a life insurance policy in her name), in a positive and romantic light, I can’t help but reflexively recoil at the idea of my spouse and partner in life doing anything close to that without my input. I’m glad that it worked in your parents’ marriage, but I’m curious to know how this origin story has influenced your and your sisters’ approach to how big decisions, financial ones included, should be made in a marriage. And your combined many daughters – is this an aspirational story or something that would cause you to be concerned if their new husband did something similar? How do you frame this for them while acknowledging and respecting how it worked out for your parents and, ultimately, your extended family?

  6. Listened to and enjoyed the first three podcasts! Would be great if you can continue to indicate who is speaking since as others have mentioned, you all sound quite similar!

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