We love being in California for the fourth of July. One year we stayed here in the desert.  As I sat there under the fireworks display on some gravel sweating in the still-over-100-degrees-darkness I decided the desert wasn’t the most optimal place to spend a holiday like that.  I’m so grateful cool California is such a short drive away. This is was our third year in Coronado for the 4th, and it is like the favorite thing in the history of our family for our kids. I mean, how would it not be with this plethora of great kids to hang out with?2012-07-04 summer 53424 Usually we come a few days before the 4th, but this year we arrived that morning and went straight to the parade (the kids already in their swimsuits ready to hit the beach right after).2012-07-04 summer 53324 I love small town parades.2012-07-04 summer 53336 In a little place like Coronado Island it pulls out everyone and their dog either on the sidelines or marching along.  The parade was complete with even the local Star Wars chapter included as well as the town garbage trucks. The only thing it was missing was the salt water taffy people were supposed to be throwing at us (or was that just what happened when I was a kid at Bear Lake?) I loved that it was so patriotic with the army and national guard giving out high-fives to the kids:2012-07 coronado2 And I thought this one was the coolest (depicting one of my fav. memorials in D.C…Iwo Jima):2012-07-04 summer 53349 Every so often they got off and walked:2012-07-04 summer 53354 …then ran back into “position:”2012-07-04 summer 53355Yes, I was totally nerdy and followed them along for a little while just to see how they did it. Gotta love some Scottish dancers followed by bagpipes.2012-07-04 summer 53357 Did I mention Dave loves parades?2012-07-04 summer 53364Did you sense the sarcasm in that one? But all good things have to come to an end at some point much to Dave and Max’s chagrin so we headed to see if we could get the beach to warm up with our warm-sun-desert vibes. My brother and his wife live close-by now and my sister came down from San Francisco so they came to meet us for the day.2012-07-04 iPhone summer 56167 So fun to hang with these cute kids:2012-07-04 summer 533752012-07-04 summer 53379 …and these cute adults:)2012-07 coronado4 Traditional family shots before heading over for the fireworks:2012-07-04 summer 53401 …except that I’m missing one family, darn it!2012-07-04 summer 533862012-07-04 summer 533872012-07-04 summer 53391 But you get the idea.2012-07-04 summer 533962012-07-04 summer 534052012-07-04 summer 53409Love these families so much.  Most of them are from here in the desert but one moved to Ohio and there are a few from Utah.  So glad for a chance to catch up with them once a year.2012-07-04 summer 53412 And how fun to have this family with us too this year:2012-07-04 summer 53432Seriously, is that the cutest family ever or what?  (Their blog is over here.) And then we add sweet Charity in the mix (who’s blog is here).2012-07-04 summer 53434…and of course Lucy because I think it must be a hobby of hers to latch on to other families for family photos and stick to them like glue when I try to get her to leave… 2012-07-04 summer 53436(Did I mention I think they are adorable?  Just wondering.) Love these two girls:2012-07-04 summer 53443(and cute baby boy.) 2012-07 coronado32012-07 coronado5 Every year we walk over to a big park for the fireworks.2012-07-04 summer 53453 …and hang for a while before they begin. One of our friends brings a big sound system and the kids rock out to that.2012-07-04 summer 534632012-07-04 summer 534552012-07 coronado The girls:2012-07-04 summer 53459 The boys:2012-07-04 summer 53472 The bigger boys:2012-07-04 summer 53485 Each year the Masons bring a whole slew of glowsticks:2012-07-04 summer 53491 …and the kids go hog-wild with them.2012-07-04 summer 534952012-07-04 summer 534982012-07-04 summer 534972012-07-04 summer 53502 Then we oooo and ahhhhh over the fireworks.2012-07-04 summer 53506I love the 4th.

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  1. How fun! My hubby and I stayed at Coronado Island several years ago the week of July 4th and their parade is truly awesome! Such a neat little town and the weather was to die for!

    Love all your pics….such beautiful families.


  2. I found your blog not too long ago and have loved all of your inspiring posts. I wondered if you knew any of my family from Arizona… and you do! Mike and Stacy Anderson are my cousins. What a small world 🙂

  3. Reading your post makes me excited for my lunch today, in Coronado! I just LOVE Coronado! It's one of my favorite reasons of living here in SD!

  4. What a beautiful group of people. And not one acted like the one touching them had kooties! Looks like everyone had so much fun. I think I've asked you before, will you adopt me? I 63 and very self reliant! Unfortunately I don't cook but I can wash dishes and/or put them away. LOL

  5. This is random. But I have seen a few pictures of you lately and I LOVE your style of clothes. I too am very tall 5"11. You always look classy. Will you share your shopping secrets?

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