This was supposed to post this morning…I am late but here we go!
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to parents.

The older I get, the more I parent, the more grateful I get. And I was already pretty grateful to begin with.

Anyway, those good folks of mine came to visit last week. They hadn’t been here in a while and wanted to catch one of Claire’s volleyball games. Lucy got busy on a “welcome” banner before they arrived:

(Lucy got mixed up and was going to say “welcome home” but then realized this really isn’t their home so she said “welcome here” which I thought was perfectly appropriate 🙂

This is what it looks like when my parents are here. Lots of good conversations…and cards out enjoying the sun. Ha!

Oh, and cards inside too, of course.

We happened to get my dad for his BIRTHDAY, and I wrote about the things I love about him back HERE with a real bday pic. of us all together, but here we are trying to light a whole slew of candles which I thought was kind of funny.

…took some serious concentration and a good group effort! That was the night before the big day since we had big plans the next night…

The next morning, on the real-deal bday, Dave and I got to take he and my mom out to breakfast on a perfect little sunlit porch with the perfect weather:

We put cards with 75 things we love about him all over the kitchen:

Better get a better close-up look at some of those puppies:

My mom (and the family) gave him the chance to make a donation for refugees that my mom had found out about for the big day. He loves that kind of stuff.

We went to visit my brother’s classroom:

And that night, Dave arranged with some friends to use their really good basketball tickets, since my Dad (and Mom….and all brothers) are pretty die-hard Jazz fans and they happened to be playing right here in the desert.

As you can see, we were all pretty excited about that!

Yep, excited.

The Jazz even beat the Suns by one point which stinks for us desert people but also is pretty great since it was my dad’s birthday after all.

Josh was there too, but someone from his class took him with their family to the game since they know what a Jazz fan he is. Sweetness right there I tell you!

Went from that sports event to the really good one: Claire’s last volleyball game of the season:

Those girls played their hearts out and swept their opponents…

And this week they head to the state tournament (they are ranked #4 right now so it’s kind of exciting times).

So glad we got to share all that with these guys!

We also shared piano…

…and pumpkin carving:

Bike-riding to school:

Lots more discussions by the pool. My dad is the best “lifebalance” planner and I loved having his little tutorial about how he stays so balanced…lots more on that soon!

And lots and lots of love.

Love you forever, Mom & Dad!

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  1. What a blessing to have the relationships with your parents like you do. Someday I hope to be the kind of intentional grandparent that they are to your kids & all their grandkids. 🙂

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