Oh I have so many emotions rolling around in my heart and mind today as Claire will be giving her farewell talk at church in an hour or so. So much gratitude for the opportunity she will have to learn so much more about Jesus, and share her light and love as a missionary.

I’ve been thinking so much lately about the law of love lately. The two great commandments: Love God and Love your Neighbor. And also Jesus’ last plea with His disciples as He was getting ready to leave them:

“Feed My Sheep”

I’ve been thinking about what that means. What do we give up to give that love. Do we have to give up anything? Is it our pride? Is it our bitterness? Is it our insecurities?

I have been thinking a little about some of the comments/questions made here on the blog about religion, and I loved so much this podcast as a better explanation than I could give:

At about minute 17 they talk about how we sometimes get confused with the Law of Love. We think the whole goal is to “earn” God’s love when that’s really not something we can “earn.” It’s already there. I love that the guy being interviewed says:

Sometimes I believe [as a sinner which we all are] that it’s as if God were waiting for me to do something to prove that I deserve to be loved by Him, instead of waiting for me to join Him in the work of loving others.

Dr. Adam Miller

That little quote has been rolling around in my heart the last little while. The love of God is already there. We just need to get busy turning outward and loving others.

I’d so recommend that podcast episode and would love to hear anyone’s thoughts who would like to share.

For now, I’m off to hear my girl talk about how she decided she was ready to put her own self into this work.

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    1. As she is over the age of 18, i think any matter of her personal appearance is between her and god, and I believe mission authorities would handle it should something be to an extreme. A second piercing has no bearing on who she is as a person, and it’s not any of our place to speculate about another adult’s appearance. Hope this helps 🙂

    2. Since the current guidelines of their church do not have anything specific to say about the number of ear piercings a girl can get (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/for-the-strength-of-youth/06-body?lang=eng), may they won’t come out at all. And why should that be any concern to you? Let her be. If it’s so unsettling to you, I’d suggest you look inside yourself to understand why. Snide comments on her mother’s blog are not productive.

      1. The missionary grooming is different than the strength of youth, which does not even apply as she is an adult. It is really no different than the bizarre rules on flip flops and beards and select church schools and the regular member not in attendance of those rules. A male missionary might have to shave but normally have facial hair. A member at Utah state can wear flip flops but BYU I had or has an issue with them.

      2. Maybe not for just regular church members but for missionaries – yes there are specific rules in the dress code for sisters…. direct quote from the website:

        “Accessories and Jewelry
        Keep accessories and jewelry, including watches, simple, professional, and conservative so they do not distract from your message or draw attention, including only one pair of earrings ……”

        1. I definitely hear your concern, but Shawni mentioned, much has changed recently in regards to missions even since max went, such as the use of social media, and there could be other changes we are not aware of. She’s also just a normal teenager who didn’t sign up for feedback on her appearance from people online who don’t know her personally, especially surrounding a personal religious experience. I can’t imagine my life being this public when I was growing up, or that I would have handled it with half the grace these kids do. We should be mindful of the fact that Shawni is graciously sharing her family with us and while im sure you have her daughters best intentions at heart, I feel confident that should she have any concerns about her daughter’s mission preparedness, she’ll handle it privately ❤️

        2. Alright, my mistake–I’m not LDS so I did miss that. I still don’t see what concern this is of yours though.

    3. You are “set apart” as a missionary by your local stake president a day or two before beginning your official missionary training. I would guess she will not wear her second set of earrings to that meeting, as she’ll officially be a missionary and be expected to uphold mission rules as best she can from that moment onward.

  1. So grateful for Claire’s desire to serve as a missionary and be a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ. She takes a message of love and peace only found in Jesus to all she meets in Australia. Sending prayers for safety and we thank you for your service!

    Carol Sanders

  2. Excited for your family! I loved that episode of Follow Him. Adam Miller’s book “Original Grace” is a must read! I really think you would love it.

  3. So awesome!
    Claire will have experiences that will be with her for the rest of her life. She’s going to be amazing!

  4. Thank you for always being an encouragement and sharing the love of Jesus with your readers and followers. I pray Claire will be used mightily for His Purpose and Glory. Blessings and Love in Christ alone! Kaly

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