Sometimes I have to just write down what happened in a day so it won’t seem like it withered away in the chaos. So here’s my list for today:

–Hosted eleven neighborhood kids at our house. (I’m sure our neighbors are pleased as punch to have our pool turn into “kid soup” again with all the yelling over the waterfall and delighted shrieking.)

–Hung out with 16 kids, and when you include Lu and a few of her tantrums in the mix, that’s a lot of noise. (And a lot of drink-getting…why are kids always so thirsty?)

–Endured the fact that they played their beloved “Rock Band” most of the day. If you don’t know “Rock Band” I’ll just let you know that’s a lot of noise.

–Got grumpy.

–Washed an orange crayon with one of my loads of laundry.

–Made an appointment for Max to get his braces on.

–Found a leak under the fridge that has slowly seeped through to the pantry resulting in mold, discolored floor boards, and a lot of questions on how to go about fixing it all.

–Picked up the cushions and put them back on the couches nine times.

–Tried to pay some bills which brought me to the realization that the automatic deposit didn’t go through last month, resulting in overdraft protection fees accruing pretty much every other day while I was gone for four weeks.

–Called the bank lady in horror trying to figure it out.

–Tried to hide in a closet to talk to her so I could make out some of what she said with “Rock Band” blaring in the background.

–Picked up 287 orange peels. (All those kids apparently really liked the oranges I brought home from Costco.)

–Wrote down a list of doctors I need to follow up with on Lucy, and lab work we need to get done.

–Returned five phone calls from my list.

–Ignored 12 phone calls. (Sorry whoever you were.)

–Swept the floor six times.

–Got more grumpy.

–Made cookies to salvage some of the eggs Grace accidentally dropped when helping me carry in the groceries. (And to get me out of my grumpiness.)

–Closed the left-open-to-air-condition-the-neighborhood front and back doors 43 times.

–Solved five arguments.

–Quieted three tantrums.

–Rewarded cookie dough for non-arguers.

–Ate cookie dough to further pull me out of grumpiness, and to give me energy to close the coolness-evaporating open door three more times and pick up 14 more orange peels.

–Didn’t exercise…once again.

–Maneuvered four kids through meeting with five teachers at “meet the teacher night”…(that part was fun).

–Tucked a jet-lagged husband, five kids and three sleeping-over cousins in bed (the cousins were pretty fun too).

–Stayed up too late…again.

Yep, we’re home.

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  1. looks like you really did get your
    exercise in! who needs a gym anyway when you had the day like you did! thanks for sharing, i need to go take a noa now, it tired me out!

  2. Wow you did have quite a day! Sorry that one of my children added to the craziness yesterday. Don’t you just love rock band with loud obnoxious boys! Sorry about the bills, the mold etc. Welcome home right! It was great to see you though and you still had a smile on your face! That’s what I love about you Shawni!

  3. Looks like superman married superwoman! 🙂

    Sometimes I get so discouraged with myself for not getting more checked off my to do list…But it is generally because of all the other “schtuff” like you just outlined!

    Hope everything falls into place soon for you…especially the bank mishap.

  4. Ha!
    Welcome home!! What a great way to end the summer!!!
    Cookie dough always brings me out of my grumpiness, too 🙂
    BTW – 1/3 way through the book… I’m starting to like it!

  5. Oh Shawni I am sorry to hear about your leak…I know too well about those. Sounds like you are back into the swing of things…whether your ready for it or not.

    Good to have you back.
    Looks like you had another amazing trip to Utah and Bear Lake. I can’t believe how pretty it is there and how well your kids are skiing and wake boarding. Way to go!

  6. It truly takes a week to recover from vacation I think. Did you mention that you did laundry, cause I am sure you got a ton of that too! I have to do 2 loads a day to keep up with my five. Thank you for posting this cause I was beginning to think you lead the perfect life. I love the “real” posts cause they make me feel better about my craziness. I really enjoy reading your blog even though I don’t know you. You have so many fun ideas and comments about being a mom. Thanks.

  7. Wow, that made me tired just reading all that you did. I hope you get a good nights rest. And now comes all the heaps of laundry, right? That’s always my favorite after a trip. I swear it takes a week to get all the laundry cleaned. I am sure you weren’t really all that grumpy, if I know you.

  8. Cookie dough therapy works for me too… just wish I didn’t need every night around 9pm! I love your vacation pics- sooo much fun! Where were you guys at? It’s beautiful! Missed ya at the company dinner!

  9. Love your blog & just now de-lurking! Your mom's comment made me laugh too! So funny! How about requesting that neighbor kids bring their own snacks/water bottles/chaperones?!! You provide the pool, they provide everything else. You are so sweet to let all the friends come over, but really, that's A LOT of kids to keep track of! Oh, and you forgot to add to your list that you took time (who knows when?) to blog about all the madness! You are my hero!

  10. Sounds like quite a day! Bummer about the mold, orange crayon in the laundry and the bank situation! It is funny to picture you going into a closet for some quiet time on the phone. LOL Great post! Love all the detail.

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