Welp, we got our girl back.

Just like that, FIVE WEEKS is over, and I got to pick up my girl from her camp on Saturday morning.

She has been staying in the dorms at our local university with other vision impaired kids learning everything from extra skills in orientation & mobility to accessible technology to daily living skills.

It was sometimes pretty hard work for her. And sometimes lonely. But she took it all head-on and never looked back.

She made new friends. Made new meals. Learned to ride public transportation and to write a resume and to learn job skills.

And mostly she learned that she’s not alone.

The parents were invited to attend the final presentations on Friday.

Each of the kids from the camp stood up and presented beautifully articulated reports about the careers they would like to pursue in life.

I was in awe of these kids who are able to push through and do so much despite all odds.

(posted with permission)

I was teary with gratitude for the teachers and mentors who make this possible for them. Some of them are in this picture (many of them were vision impaired as well):

Let’s just look at Lucy’s face on the left below.

That is the face of a girl who is glowing with the satisfaction of learning so much and doing something pretty outside of her comfort zone…surrounded by new friends.

On the right up there above she’s not quite so sure. Ha! But I wanted to include that picture because that’s the CEO of Foundation for Blind Children (who is awesome), and his son who is also blind. Graduated with honors, taught high school, and even worked at the White House. Wow.

The next morning I arrived to pick up Lucy who had her whole dorm all packed up and situated, ready to go. (Dave was still driving home from California with a horribly sprained ankle, poor guy!)

Bid some very grateful farewells to these amazing people who helped run the show.

What a journey this has been!

Just feeling so grateful that there are people and organizations out there who literally change lives with their efforts.

Also feeling so grateful for the sweetest friends who heart-attacked our front door to welcome Lu HOME!

…and for the piano she had been DYING to get back to and play.

And for the chance to go to church together for the first time this summer, both of us feeling the Spirit so loud and clear listening to the best talks that somehow spoke right to us. All about how God is there for us even in the darkness, and even when sometimes it feels as if we’re alone. (My sweet friend happened to snap that picture of us hugging after sacrament meeting).

Thank you, Foundation for Blind Children, for a big boost for this girl of ours.

Oh there is still so much to learn. For all of us. This is a long journey.

But thank you for helping her learn to stretch her wings that much wider.

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  1. Does Lucy use any adaptative apps for her phone? I am starting the hunt for technology to help a family member who is having vision problems as he ages.

  2. Shawni, would Lucy ever compose a blog post describing what she learned at camp? As a special ed teacher and blog reader who is rooting for her, I am eager to know more!

  3. Sounds like an awesome experience! Just curious (nosy?) about what she gave her talk on/what kind of job she’s hoping for. The sky is the limit with that determined girl of yours!

  4. I, too, am curious as to what kinds of activities/schedule they had at the camp.

    Also, well done Lucy! 5 weeks away from home living on your own at college is no small feat.

    1. Thanks for sharing this essay! Have an adult family mem going through vision loss. Why I was interested in Lucy’s program, too.

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