The other day I was thinking about miracles.

And their evolution.

Remember how Lucy’s vision teachers took special care to enlarge her homework worksheets like this?

Lucy is holding one measly worksheet enlarged into a novel up there.

It wasn’t a cakewalk for those teachers to do all that enlarging, especially when they had to use some fancy way of creating texture for her geometry worksheets with shapes and graphs (geometry is no cakewalk when you can’t see very well!).

And it wasn’t a cakewalk for Lucy either… those pages got mixed up and it was a little nutty lugging those novels around in her backpack.

But it was a miracle. She could see enough to do that work, and keep up with her class.

And we were SO GRATEFUL.

Gradually the vision teachers were able to introduce a new, whiz-bang tool for Lucy: the magnifier.

(I say gradually because it is so difficult for Lucy to take on new things. She doesn’t want to be different and this magnifier certainly makes her different. It’s big and heavy and it makes a buzzing sound sometimes.)

But one day her teacher sent me this picture: she was opening up to using that thing:

We were pretty ecstatic I have to say.

And with the start of the new year they quit making those enlarged worksheets cold turkey.

It was magnifier or nothing.

So Lu (reluctantly) chose the magnifier.

And it has become attached to her ever since.

Now she lugs around not only her huge backpack, her water bottle, her cane, but a little “briefcase” with this magnifier folded up that she pulls out in every class at school.

And she hasn’t complained once.

It is yet another miracle in the progression of Lucy.

And we’re all so happy about it over here.

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  1. Lucy, you are AMAZING! You have grit and determination that will get you so far in life! May Heavenly Father bless you for being the wonderful Young Woman you are! You are an example to many!!

  2. I live with a sight impaired person. He has recently accepted the latest technology in hearing aids so he can listen to books. I’m thinking Lucy’s magnifier might be just the ticket. Thanks Lucy for your encouragement.

  3. GO LUCY GO! It is hard to be different – I am different, too (aren’t we all, in our own way?). Our differences are challenging, but we are who we are regardless of our differences. Good for you for using this AMAZING tool! Technology is amazing!!

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