Oh my goodness, Mother’s Day is around the very corner and we are here in the midst of brand new motherhood with Abby and sweetie Murphy Jane. So the two of us put our heads together and put together some Mother’s Day gift ideas for all stages of motherhood. Most of these things you can still get on Amazon to arrive on time.

(I have lots of ideas on sentimental gift ideas coming hopefully tomorrow too!)

Abby and I both put these two first ideas at the tops of our lists for some reason:

Silk Pillowcase

I think maybe we both had this on our lists because we gave this pillowcase to Abby for a birthday a while ago, and I asked for it for Mother’s Day because she loves it so much:)

silk pillowcase

This one’s a little pricey but hey, sometimes moms are worth it. Ha!
And also, you could split the cost with your siblings:)
I’ve heard the best things about it ever since Max told me
Abby wanted one for her birthday.
Here’s what she has to say about it: “Nothing has transformed my skin and hair more.
I got this a gift a few years ago and it still feels brand new.
Silk eye masks and scrunchies from this brand are amazing too!

Bala Weights

Abby and I both had these on our lists as well…I got them for my birthday from a friend, and the girls got them for Abby for her baby shower.

bala bangle weights, a great Mother's Day gift idea

These are so easy to wear around for a little extra muscle boost:)
This is what Abby said about them: my cute sister-in-law’s gifted
me these at my baby shower, and I have loved working out with them!
They are a super cute way to get in a little bit more of an exercise!

Ok, some more ideas from me:

Heavy Duty Swiss Ball for Balance, Stability, Pregnancy, Physical Therapy

exercise ball gift idea for mother's day

I was just working out with this ball yesterday and realized I need one!
There are so many exercises you can do with it and hey, if you need a chair
that will help strengthen your abs, voila! This ball has you covered!


Ok, this is not a “pampering” gift, but I swear every mom needs one of these:


Young moms need them to check temperatures what seems like every other day.
You know, just to make sure things are ok. But also, older moms need them too!
Claire was home for a wedding this weekend and got horrible strep throat.
I was so glad to have that puppy to help us gage how to help.

A Place For Us

I’ve talked about this book before since it’s one of my very favorites of all time.

I think it’s the most beautiful parenting book as well
since it gives such an interesting perspective throughout the story.
Maybe I’ll give myself a mothering gift this year by re-reading it.

I think books make the greatest gifts, and there are so many I love!

Ok, let’s move on to the girl with the best mother-pampering ideas…

Abby’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The rest of these ideas are all from her, and I’ve got to admit, I want to buy them all!

Eberjay pajamas

cozy pajamas for moms

I think every woman deserves a pair of GOOD pajamas that’ll last.
Every single time I put on any pjs from everyday I feel so fancy and cozy.
They wash super well too!

Jo Malone perfume

Jo Malone perfume

Perfumes can be super hit or miss to gift but I have had never
met anyone who did not just fall in love with this smell.
It’s a classic feminine scent and such a trust worthy brand.

Micellar Make-Up Removing Wipes

make-up remover wipes

OK this may seem silly but this is a really good addition to a mothers day gift basket!
These make life so much easier and are so gentle!

Bum Bum Cream

Bum Bum Cream

This stuff is viral for a reason! I definitely resisted buying this trendy product
for a while but fell in love when I got a sample!
Now I carry it with me in my purse everywhere!

Note from me: check out the reviews on that puppy! I definitely need to try that stuff out!
And the other stuff on that page looks pretty great too!

Summer Fridays Lip Balm

lip balm as a gift idea

This lip mask is definitely worth the splurge!
A lot of really hydrating lip products leave residue on your lips, and this one never does!
The smell and texture of this mask the best!

LMNTS Electrolyte Powder Packets

Electrolyte Powder

Now this may sound random, but I have found that these are one of the
best additions to any gift I give! Who doesn’t love a big cup of flavored water
thats full of nutrients. I swear by these and if you
don’t believe me the reviews speak for themselves!

Rejolly Puffy Shoulder Bag

Puffy Shoulder Bag

I was gifted this for my baby shower and I have used it everyday.
It’s a great quality dupe for an expensive and trendy bag! Love it.

Shower Steamers

Shower steamers to pamper mothers for Mother's Day

We all know that moms deserve some self-care, and a moment, alone!
These are perfect for making a regular shower feel luxurious.

Ceramic Vases

ceramic vases as a gift idea for Mother's Day

Level up the classic mother day gift of beautiful flowers by also gifting her a beautiful vase.
These are stunning and such a fun style!

Candle Warmer

Candle Warmer for mother's day gift

For whatever reason these make your candles smell and last so much better!
They also are great table accessories.

One more kind of fun idea from my older girls:

They were in town for a wedding this past weekend and while we were looking for a bridesmaid dress for Elle we found these necklaces at Madewell:

pearl necklace

They somehow sweet-talked me into the fact that we should really have matching necklaces. Ha! But there is something kind of special about having matching necklaces/jewelry
to your daughters. I gave them each gold chains for Christmas a
few years ago and I just loved thinking of them all wearing theirs as I wore mine.

So we were due for some new “Mother’s Day necklaces” 🙂

Abby, yours is coming for you!
(And Lu won’t wear one, but is still feeling the love with her “L” necklace!)

And there we go, some good last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to show some extra gratitude for those special moms in your life!

Note: I am an Amazon affiliate, but all these things are tried and true things the moms in your life are sure to love!

Other Mother’s Day Ideas:

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  1. Great suggestions! nice quality pjs are so wonderful, especially during the newborn stage when that may well be what counts as getting dressed for the day.

  2. While a thermometer is clearly a thing every family should have, it definitely is not a mother’s day gift!

    1. It is if it’s something she wants. I think it just comes down to knowing the person you’re giving the gift to. While I know there are many women out there that would not like that kind of gift, personally, I would much rather get something that’s useful instead of flowers or jewelry.

      1. Obviously, any mother can ask for a thermometer as a gift, if she wants to. I personally still don’t think it’s a good gift. Which doesn’t mean, I condemn useful gifts, but useful things for the mother, not for her family.

  3. Okay, here’s a tip for new mothers… lanolin that you use when you are nursing, also works great as a night time lip mask!

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