Who’s ready for Christmas? I for one am all about some last-minute gift ideas so I’m sharing these lists from before Thanksgiving. Here you go: Gift Guides Galore to help you get ready for Christmas.

Gift guides galore from our family to yours

In this podcast we talked about how to weave joy into giving. Think about how wonderful it is that we get to think about the people we love and make or purchase gifts they will love. It’s a beautiful thing that sometimes gets lost in the “to-dos” of the season.

I challenge us all to find more joy in our gift-giving this year. The chaos and the lists are sometimes what we will miss the most. Or amI just telling myself that??

Ha! Without further ado, here are the lists!

A list from my girls

This one is chock-full of the best ideas for women and young women alike:

A collage of some of the girls favorite things in their gift guide

My Own “Favorite Things” list for this year”:

People ask me every year for a “favorite things” list. Here are some of my favorite things from 2023:

a collage of some of my favorite things

Abby’s baby gift guide

This one will make you want to hold and buy cute stuff for a baby with all your might:

Ideas from last year

Gift Ideas for Men

Abby, Elle and I wrote this one last year after many requests for a gift guide for men:

Dave, Carson and Max smiling on this link for Gift ideas for Men

The Girls’ Gift Guide from Last Year

Claire was in on the action last year, so many good things on this list!

presents representing gifts from a guide from my girls

My Own Gift Guide Last Year

My “Favorite Things” list from last year:

gift guide from me

There you go.

Game ideas coming on Monday.

For now, sending wishes that you can wrap up that shopping and let in all that Christmas spirit hovering over us in the air.

May we lasso it right in this Christmas!

**These gift lists contain affiliate links, but we never recommend anything that we aren’t quite in love with!
Happy shopping!

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  1. Shawni, why didn’t you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid?Wouldn’t you recommend it as a present for younger children? You mentioned in an old blogpost that Claire loved this book…

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