This last Saturday marked the fact that Dave and I have been married for TWELVE YEARS. We thought we better go celebrate on a big long trip…for two days to Scottsdale. When I brought Lucy in for her doctor appointment the morning we left I had told him I didn’t have much time because we were going on a trip. When he asked where we were going I was kind of embarrassed to admit that yeah, the “trip” was 30 minutes away to Scottsdale. But hey, it sure seemed out of town to us to have no kids and to go at our own pace at a great resort where they very kindly upgraded us to our own little casita. We got massages, shopped, ate out, had some great talks, swam, saw a movie and relaxed. Josh was an amazing babysitter. It always makes me appreciate my kids SO much more when we’re away. Man I’m a lucky mother…and an even luckier wife. I’m so thankful for Dave. We found this awesome restaurant we loved called “North”…that’s what the picture is…and the spa at the resort (although that’s not where we got the massages…c’mon, we’re too big of cheapskates for that). Anyway, it was a great trip.

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