Lucky Claire has two cousins graduating this year right alongside her.

So, of course, we had to celebrate with the extended family before those big graduation days arrive (two different high schools):

(We did the same thing for Max back HERE…he had two cousins from that neighboring high school graduate at the same time as well.)

LOVE that these girls have grown up together forever and ever, from the time they were born.

Have begged for sleepovers together on three-day weekends from the time they were this little (picture behind them):

Ava, the middle one, used to TOWER over Claire and Annie, but now, of course, Claire towers over them both (note how she’d bending down in every picture…ha!)

So, we celebrated those girls.

My brother-in-law is pretty talented at putting together videos and he put together the sweetest video of all these girls growing up together. It represents only a fraction of all the funny antics and different memories they share, but we all loved it so much and were pretty teary in awe that they have all grown up into these beautiful young ladies.

Ryan (my brother-in-law) said I could share the video and I want to have this all together so here you go:

AJ AD CP 2022 from ryan driggs on Vimeo.

Oh the memories! THANK YOU RYAN!

Ok, so here’s what we did:

Celebrating cousin graduates

We gathered at our house.

We gathered in the game room and had a little trivia game where Dave had gathered some “little known facts” about each girl and announced them one by one.

Everyone had to vote on which girl he was talking about.

There were some pretty funny things shared I have to say!

Each girl also had a chance to be on the “hot seat” (something we do quite often with this family and I love it).

The graduates explained all their future plans and everyone had the chance to ask questions.

Then we watched that awesome video my brother-in-law put together.

Here’s Ryan, the video guy, with the cousins:

…and the whole crew:

We celebrated with dessert…I “had” to make these brownies I still didn’t get a great picture of, but have to share because they are really my favorites:

And of course we made the girls put on their grad gear:

Some of the other cousins close to their age:

Lucy made sure we wrapped things up with a quick card game:

I just sat there and basked in the beauty of family.

That these girls have had each other to lean on and learn from for so many years, and that they get to head off into the big wide world at the same time, their own adventures to unfold:

I can’t wait to see all the good they will do!

Especially this one:

Aw we are lucky to get her as our own.

Family graduation parties:

Max’s graduation party

Elle’s graduation party (near the end of that post)

Grace’s graduation party (also near the end of that post)

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  1. How fun to see this! These girls are stellar! So great to see them all growing up together. And then Claire kept growing! What beauties! Congrats to Ryan on a fabulous video that made me cry! Time is slipping through our fingers! 🙂

  2. This is so so fun! What a blessing to have cousins so close in age and in close proximity! I loved the music in the video. Can the songs/artists be shared?

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