You see, we all really thought Claire was done with volleyball.

She put in the work.

She talked to coaches. She turned in film. She got some sweet offers. That whole volleyball recruiting rigamarole.

And it was a GOOD learning process. Dave and I were pretty impressed with how she handled it all.

But in the end she just didn’t feel it. Those spots just didn’t fit right in her mind. There is so much to take into consideration when you’re gearing up for college!

So, as I talked about back in this post back HERE, she had what we all thought was her last volleyball match at nationals. Bitter-sweet for all.

And she started getting her mind and classes all situated for fall being a regular student at Utah Valley University (UVU).

Claire had sent the UVU volleyball coach some film a while back so she was on his radar. But there were already plenty of middles so she had turned off even entertaining that idea.

I mean, UVU is an NCAA DI team who made it to the NCAA tournament last year, so it was a tall order.

But then here we go…

College volleyball recruiting news:

A few weeks ago the UVU volleyball coach gave her a call out of the blue one day.

He talked to her for 45 minutes, getting a feel for who she is, where her mind was at, etc.

And then he wanted to have a conference call with her and her parents along with her.


So we all met up, sat in a row facing that coach:

(Dave had to sneak pictures, of course.)

We fell in love with the coach, he seems like such a great guy.

And we talked for a long time…apparently very seriously:)

And at the end of that call he offered Claire a spot on the team.

What?? Pretty crazy, right?

It was all so sudden and so unexpected, a possibility for quite a change of trajectory, that’s for sure! We were all pretty discombobulated, and he asked Claire how long she needed to make the decision.

It was a Friday and they agreed she could think about it over the weekend.

Wow. This picture can’t really explain all the emotions going on inside of us, especially Claire, right then, but glad we captured the post-call selfie:)

That girl thought long and hard about that decision.

It reminded me of this painting I love by Brian Kershisnik:

Sometimes we think we’re going one way, and we keep taking those steps, but then we realize there’s another “right” way.

This happened over the weekend for Claire.

And also for her mom. Oh I was hesitant about that thing I have to say! We have shared this girl with volleyball for so long, and college athletics is a whole new ballgame. Practice starts before a big family trip we have planned. Not sure how much she’ll be able to spend much time with us over the summer. She will have to miss some school/friend/freshman-in-college things of course. There are pros and cons to everything.

But oh, what an opportunity!

Yes, she will be giving up some things. But she will be gaining so many more! We all got on that volleyball bandwagon once again, and she was ready for the coach’s call on Monday. She closed herself in my office for the call, and I couldn’t help but snap a pic. of her Dad waiting for her to come out:

Ha! Bo was waiting on pins and needles herself:)

Not sure how he managed this one to capture her in the act of acceptance, but he did:

(Yikes, Dave and I both need to do a little desk-tidying!)

And there we have it: another college volleyball athlete on the horizon:

She made her verbal commitment and we’ll have a little signing ceremony this afternoon.

And there we have it: the eve of some big new adventures for this girl!

GO WOLVERINES! And Go Claire, that girl we’re gonna have a hard time letting go, but we’re sure going to love watching and rooting on that team she’s joining!

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  1. One of our friends was just playing for them as a middle and after only her first year felt lead to go on a mission. So cool to see Claire jumping in with the school she had felt called to go to. Also, it’s so fun she will be at school near all her siblings!! One place to visit for you! Congratulations Claire!!

  2. Ooh I’m soooo excited for you all!!!
    How does it work, does she still major in something? If so, what is she thinking of doing?

  3. Congratulations! Making decisions like these are so stressful and all. I remember going through this with my son last year after many offers came from D1 schools to be play Lacrosse Goalie and then he chose enlisting in the Marines, something way off our radar. It was upsetting because he chose to not serve a mission. Yet, during many of my prayers, the Lord told me my son was doing what he was meant to do. During his Boot Camp, he invited his buddies to church with him and still continues do so where he is stationed. One never knows what direction we are meant to go. Congratulations again!

  4. So happy for Claire & for all the hard work you’ve all put in with her volleyball career! Exciting that it will continue & she ll have so many family members/UVU cousins to cheer her on!!!! Thanks for sharing such great news with us!!! Go Claire!!! 💛💚

  5. So excited for her! Being a varsity athlete was the highlight of my college experience and so many years out so many of those girls are still my best friends!

  6. This girl is amazing! And she knows how to make decisions! Which is maybe even a better gift than being a great volley ballplayer! She’s gonna be great! Hugs!

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