I think it’s interesting that each of my kids has such a distinct cry. And when they’re grown, I’m going to miss everything about being them being my babies. Even their cries. I’m always documenting their smiles, but I want to remember the cries too.

Max: He’s silent as big crocodile tears roll down his cheeks. His glasses get all fogged up. He sure can make a sad face. Fortunately for him I have no pictures of it.

Elle: I have to say it’s hard to think of her cry because she just doesn’t do it much. She just gets pouty and hides her face. She’s totally silent like Max.

Grace: As in everything else she does, she’s quite dramatic about the “cry.” She belts it out and although she’s calmed down a bit over the past year, the drama of the cry still reminds me of someone being very mortally wounded. She takes her cry very seriously. Again, no pictures of this, but here’s Grace as a pouting witch on Halloween…

Claire: When Claire gets sad she starts by turning her mouth into an upside down “U”…bottom lip protruding further than the top. Then she looks around on the floor for a spot where she can lay down and throw her fit. Then she takes on a little of Gracie’s drama while she starts to kick and belt it out. This picture will have to suffice for the one of the upside down “U” mouth I’ll have to capture later.Lucy: Ok, this is my favorite one. And I think in saying that I must be a little bit loopy since I just heard her cry for hours and hours on end in the car driving back from Utah yesterday. She honestly hardly stopped. So yesterday I would have said it’s a horrible cry as I was about to go completely crazy while trying to drive and my ears were ringing with her wailing. But today I’m back to thinking it’s kind of cute. She sounds just like a little kitten wailing, and my favorite is how she looks. She thrusts her head up in the air (smoothing out her five double chins) and closes her eyes as tightly as she can as she wails away. Her bright blue eyes look even more radiant in pools of tears and her long eyelashes get matted together as she blinks out those giant puddles. Although her head’s not tilted back in this picture as much as it usually is (hence still the existence of a couple chins), this is the best picture I have of it:Good for you, Gracie, for keeping that smile going!

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  1. I love this post! I will have to write this down, too. And now I will make sure I have my camera on command during the next meltdown. Which menas I don’t have long to wait…!

  2. Those are so funny! When little kids cry and the bottom lip curls down is so adorable…its hard not to smile 🙂 Oh don’t even worry about a gift bc we have tons of stuff now…seriously! We didn’t do Christmas cards this year bc we are sending out baby announcements instead…too tired to try to attempt both within a month and half of eachother! Thanks Shawnee!

  3. Man I love this post! You really cover all the bases! AND it was fun to remember that crazy snowman in your neighborhood. I got such a kick out of that last year! Happy New Year Shawni!

  4. Too bad we didn’t see you while in Utah. We were there for almost 2 weeks, but you know how it is trying to get everything in that you want to do while in good old Utah. hope you had a nice holiday and wish you a good new year. Love the picture of Claire. So I am going to have to rename my little Lucy.

  5. It was interesting for me to think about my kids cries. They are all totally different too. Again, my third child is the most dramatic too and Ike is the loudest. I found we have a lot of similarities in our kids.

  6. Laughing that I popped over and you documented this.

    I have been meaning to get my youngest’s cry on audio. She purrs with a tongue roll I will never be able to replicate. Definite foreign language skills in the future.

  7. Hey Shawni, I enjoyed checking out your blog and especially looking at your beautiful photography! I’d love to pick your brain a bit. I’ve been wanting to get back into it. Email me when you have a minute. Thanks! Amy Burbidge

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