We celebrated our own version of Father’s Day the week after the “real” Father’s Day since Dave was out of town.

We showered him with his favorite breakfast and some gifts:

…and made him do our traditional Father’s Day pictures after church.

(Sadly missing Elle Belle 🙁

Oh, and we didn’t forget the traditional feet-rubbing.  Of course you can’t forget feet-rubbing on Father’s Day!

I love Father’s Day.  Dads make the world go round.

Studies show that when Dads are really “in the picture” of their childrens’ lives their happiness and productivity and success expands exponentially.  And I feel so incredibly grateful that this Dad of ours is “in the picture” so much.

I could go on and on all mushy but for today I’m going to let these pictures tell the story of how much he is loved by his children.  There are a lot of them but I just can’t bear to leave any out I love them so.

He is one adored Father.
But as much as they may try, no one can adore him quite as much as I do.  I know the ins and outs of how much love and concern he puts into their lives that they will never see or understand.
And seeing that makes my heart overflow with gratitude that I won the lottery to get him as my parenting partner.

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