Did Max dye his hair?

Yes.  That is orange hair you see in that last post.  He and some friends decided to experiment with some hydrogen peroxide and “Sun-In.”  I should get a pic of them all together with their orange hair.  I think they were going for blonde summer hair but Sun-In apparently doesn’t achieve that.  They think it is awesome.  Me, not so much.  But I figure there are worse things they could be spending their time doing 🙂

I’m wondering when a good age is to start letting my kids do real chores. They are all pretty little and I’m not sure how to break in to them doing more around the house. Any tips?

I think kids should start having chores as soon as they can talk and understand.  Kids get such a great sense of accomplishment when they contribute to the family and it’s so good for them to start early.  You can make it so fun using music and chore/sticker charts or jars to fill with something they love each time they do something to really help. Then you can stand back and admire their work and tell them how much it helps the family.  It works miracles I tell you and the earlier you start the more it will become routine and a way of life.

My favorite book with tons of ideas about this is called the The Parenting Breakthrough
.  I talked a bunch about it over here

I also talked a bunch about teaching kids to work using charts here.  Our “job jar” explanation is here.

Our Saturday chore charts are here and at the end of this post too.

Oh, and our “zones” are here.

I think you could adapt all those ideas to young children.

Hope that helps!

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  1. I just found your blog from watching your "I'm a Mormon video". My family are all also super tall and when I see other tall families it makes me happy:) I am 15 and am 6 feet and how I wish that all us tall girls could live close and be friends! Anyway you are all beautiful!! Your daughter Elle is gorgeous!

  2. Hello, your blog is great! thank you for all the great parenting info. I always forward it to my children. I'm the Stk.YW President in the Mesa Stake. And we will be having our Trek in Oct. I saw your post on your trek and was wondering if I could contact the person who gave the talk to the YW before they took the "hill" and passed out the fear knot bracelets? I just thought I could get a few notes from her and make the bracelets. I know Ben and Ashley.
    We are a very small Stake. thank you again, Sue Westbrook

  3. Don't let your girls use "Sun-In." I had the worst experience with that when I was a little girl. It really ruined my hair and turned it into a rat's nest. When I went to the hairdresser she could tell right away that I used "Sun-In" and said that stuff should be taken off the shelves because it's so damaging for hair. She had to chop all my hair off and it took a long time to regrow it.

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