Here we go…a “gift guide from the gals” that my girls put together. Filled with all kinds of ideas to help us get all situated for Christmas. I’ve had lots of requests for ideas from these girls after they did a great list last year too.

Let’s start with Abby’s list:

ABBY Jane’s favorite things:

iPhone Case

I was influenced to buy this case off Instagram because I thought it was cute and different.
When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it’s functional and feels great in my hand too.
It has kept it in shape the last 6 months too!

Levi’s Baggy Dad Jean

If I could only put one gift on here it would be this one. My body completely changed after giving birth and I was on a hunt to find jeans I felt comfortable and stylish in. These are the perfect amount of loose without being shapeless. You can size up or down based on how you want them to fit.

Cedar Stack Boy Smells Candle 

This candle is on my list. I have heard only the best things and I love that it’s a non-toxic option.

RIFLE PAPER CO. 2024 Calendar

I love to get a fun calendar every year. You can ask my family- I look for any excuse to write down even the smallest event in my life. A calendar is a small way to romanticize your day to day life.

Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Illuminator

For no makeup girlies this is an amazing boost of hydration with a light bronzing effect. If you’re going for the full face look this is an amazing base before layering foundation. Utah winters call for some extra bronzing and hydration and this is the way to get it!

Small Cute Rug

While this seems random- It is absolutely on my list and such a cute gift. Every person could use a darling little rug in the kitchen, bathroom, or by the front door. It is an authentic gift since it’s not on every other gift guide! So cute.

Cutest Towels

In keeping with the ‘elevated household’ theme I am in love with these chic towels. Listen, I was gifted towels one year and I know they don’t carry a lot of pizzaz but I used those cozy towels everyday and was so grateful I got them! Worth the investment!

Caraway Glass Food Storage

This is just one of the many amazing products from the brand Caraway! We have the cheapest plastic food containers and I would love to get ones that are non-toxic and last!
Plus they come in the cutest colors.

Womens’ Sports Bra

After I had Murphy I was determined to get to the gym everyday but none of my old workout clothes fit anymore. Workout clothes are so expensive and I like to save where I can! Love these tops and if you don’t believe me just look at the reviews.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I recently started making sourdough and this was a must. There are a million dutch ovens out there over $500 and thankfully I found this one for $50 and it gets the job done!

Sourdough Bread Baking Supplies

This may be a bit of a niche gift but this kit has truly made all the difference for me in my bread making journey. If you know someone or you yourself have been wanting to give sourdough a go, take this as your sign! Bread is so fun to make and is so simple with some great tools!

Tartine Bread (Artisan Bread Cookbook, Best Bread Recipes, Sourdough Book)

I attended a sourdough making course and the teacher said this is the best cook book!
It’s on my list!

Best Length Crew Socks

I have to give all the credit on these to my sister Kate. After expressing I didn’t know how to style a pair of shoes she told me to look no further. These are amazing quality and the perfect length!
I have since purchased and repurchased!

Funky Mirror

I wanted a fun mirror to put in our extra bedroom without breaking the bank.
This was exactly what I was looking for and it’s surprisingly great quality.

Moon Juice Acid Potion AHA and BHA Liquid Exfoliator 

I am a simple skincare girl. Right now I am just using this with a hydrating lotion and its amazing. You can trust me- I live in one of the coldest/driest states and this helps remove dry skin and has clean ingredients!

OUAI Scalp Serum – Balancing and Hydrating Serum

Postpartum hair loss hit me hard. I had used this scalp serum before I was pregnant to help my scalp through Utah’s dry winters but I never knew how amazing it was until I experienced hair loss. Cherry on top is that it smells amazing too!

Drybar The Single Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush

I’d like to consider this a middle ground to the Revlon Blow Dry Brush and the Dyson Air Wrap.
The Revlon brush has been frying my hair and drying out my scalp but the
Dyson Air Wrap is out of my budget. This looks perfect!

Best Color Nail Polish

I don’t go get my nails done but my natural nails need a little something. I love this polish.
It’s very sheer so it can be layered. it’s the perfect color!

Mora Ceramic Two-in-One Butter Dish

We have been putting our butter in a cereal bowl so this would be a stylish upgrade.

Coolest Puzzle

One of my silly goals in 2023 was to complete a puzzle. I am very impatient and not into puzzles by nature but this pattern was just too cute and was such a fun challenge.

La Roche Cleanser

I have been very acne prone postpartum and this face wash has saved me.
The best news is that it works and it’s under $20.

UGG Women’s Classic Ultra Mini Boot

These were one of my splurges last year and I’ve loved pulling them out again this year.
They are still comfortable as ever and held up amazing in the snow.

PHLUR – Missing Person Fragrance – Body Wash

I love an elevated basic and this is one of my favorite smells. The body wash would be magical.

Eberjey Women’s Gisele Long PJ Set

I may or may not have just ordered these for my upcoming birthday. I go nuts for high quality pjs and I haven’t found any that come close to Eberjay! Plus this color is so amazing.

Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips Vegan Whitening Strip Enamel Safe

I have been dying to go get my teeth whitened but know
I’ll probably end up just doing strips. These have amazing reviews.

THE JOLIE FILTERED SHOWERHEAD with Shower Water Filter System

This is my big splurge item this year. I have been in apartments for over 5 years and probably will be for a while longer and the hard water is so damaging on my hair and skin. There is so much crazy stuff in our water and my hair/skin can use all the help it can get.

Dickies Women’s Denim Bib Overall

I have been eyeing the perfect overalls for a while and believe these to be it!

Wellesley Jade’s Favorite Things:

Elle <3

Mini Nylon BAGGU Bag

I am a sucker for a bag, especially any BAGGU bag. Mine is light purple & I wear it all the time it’s apart of my personality now. I love this navy one so much too.

Duck BAGGU Bag

I don’t know why it’s called a Duck bag but this tote I love. Use it when I work from coffee shops or parks & it carries my laptop, iPad, snacks, water all so nice.

Travel Toiletries Bag

I bought this bag & another in black for Carson & I right before we left on externships. I did not realize how much we were going to use and love them. It holds allllll our bathroom things, is waterproof lining & was so easy to just unfold & hang in the bathroom on all our stops. Super great for anyone that travels a lot!

Owala Water Bottle

Ok ok, I am still a Stanley stan but I do want this water bottle. It has a push button to open the lid & you can either pour it into your mouth or sip it cause there is a straw too. I just like that you don’t have to touch the drinking part with your hands at all & its cute & multiuse. Idk, it’s on my list & I have heard raving reviews.

Caraway Pan

We got Shawni the Our Place pan this last year, but Abby & her both say that the non-stick doesn’t last long. We have heard a lot of positive things about Caraway pan. It’s just as cute & seems to have a better resistance to stick, etc.

Graza Olive Oil

Ok yes maybe a random gift but their olive oil bottles & branding are so cute & make cooking
fun & easy. Pair with a cute cook book & BAM, gift for the chef.

The cute cookbook I was talking about^^

I want fun cook books in my house & to be able to play with more of other peoples ideas! Something like flipping through a cookbook instead of googling just makes me feel better lol.

Adidas Sambas

I don’t even care if the craze is ending, I love my Sambas & got these ones for
better price here on amazon. My go to shoe everyday.

Bose Headphones

I think I posted these last year because I love them so much. & they are on major sale..Carson uses mine whenever he can get his hands on them so I may be getting him some this year haha.

Vacation Sun Screen

Great sunscreen that smells so good. If you can’t tell I am swayed by cute branding. Bought for the branding & stayed for the products haha.

Yes its sunscreen too..

They also have this sunscreen that looks like whipped cream & its just so fun I mean cmon!

Versed Skincare always

I love versed & have used all these products. A little bundle is a great gift!!

Salty Face Tanning Water

The BEST self tanner I have used. I have tried a handful of others & this one looks so much more natural for me personally. It’s super easy with the mist sprayer, I just squirt it on the brush & apply to my face & neck. I have the body one too which is a foam onto the brush. Never leaves any streakiness since it is spray with brush. Anyways, i LOVE it & you can use ELLE10 for a discount as well!

Collagen Eye Mask

I’ve been getting bombarded with importance of taking care of the area around your eyes recently & found these for so cheap, lol I will be purchasing. Stocking stuffer slay.

Yayoi Kusama Art Book

I am really trying to start expanding my art/art history book collection. I LOVE having art books around for inspiration & people love to flip through them when they see them too. This is sorta a kids book, and there is a collection with other artists too! Just trying to spread the Art History love to all & Yayoi Kusama is a super cool lady.

The Silent Patient Book

Carson & my favorite novel. It’s so good we listened to it in one day haha.

Atomic Habits Book

My favorite “self help” book. It’s so so good, & if you haven’t read it already I would highly suggest!

The Vulnerables Book

Ok I was taking a picture of the cover of this book in the store & this guy was like you should read that first page. I read it & I was hooked haha. Went home & ordered it to start reading.
I think amazon lets you sample & read that first page. 🙂

Springer Dog Water Bottle

Of course I have to shout out Springer Pets. I love them & have worked with them. I believe they have the best pet products for all the pet parents out there! They have bottles, walk bags, collars, etc. If not for the products, go look at all the cute design from yours truly. <3

And last but certainly not least:

Grace Anne’s Favorite Things:


I have a lot to say about hair and I have tried everything in the hair realm so
you will be getting lots of my favorite hair products that I truly swear by.

Biolage Shampoo

My absolute favorite shampoo ever. I have a hard time ever straying from it
because it makes my hair feel the best and it smells amazing. The conditioner is my favorite too.

Cantu Curl Cream

I am your girl when it comes to curly hair and I have a routine I do that I love. I use this curl cream and the next two products every time I wash my hair. I’m convinced that even if you think
you don’t have curly hair, using these products will give you some curl.
While my hair is still super wet, I get a dollop of this and scrunch it into my hair.
This stuff also smells AMAZING.

Fructis Curl Defining Spray Gel

The next step of my routine is spraying this throughout my hair and scrunching again.
This holds the curls and also smells amazing.

Natural Waves Salt Spray

This is the last step that ties it all together and gives more waves. If you can’t tell, I am passionate about my hair routine haha I have tried so many things throughout my
life and nothing has worked quite like these products.

Heatless Curling Rod

This product is amazing and really gives the best wavy look and is so nice and easy to use.
If you ever don’t want to use heat but want good curls, this is for you.

It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner

I also swear by this stuff and use it every time I was my hair. It works so well and smells so good.

Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is so important to use before using heat and this one works super well!

Coconut Hair Oil

Okay this stuff is truly amazing. I just started using it and it has changed the game. It makes my hair so much less frizzy and prevents my ends from breaking and I swear it cures my split ends.

Hair, Skin, and Nails Softgels

These really helped my hair grow longer and it helped a lot with my skin and nails!

The Best Hairties in the World

I truly don’t know what I did before these. I hate hate hate normal hairties and they always leave creases in my hair but these are magical in every way.

Wet Brush

I don’t know what it is about the brush and the shape of it but it works wonders. I have tried the regular Wet Brushes and like them but this one is detangles so much better I love it.

Boar Bristle Brush

I have the Wet Brush and this one. I love this brush for slicked back hairstyles.
It helps get all the bumps and flyaways out.

Dove Body Wash

My most favorite body wash that I will never stray from. Smells amazing.

Paula’s Choice Exfoliator

This stuff has worked wonders on my skin.

Sol de Janeiro Perfume

I love this stuff so much. It smells so good and lasts all day.

Hempz Lotion

I am in love with this lotion. I will continue buying it forever. It works so well and smells so good.
I love this scent but all of their scents are amazing.

Tanologist Tanning Drops

I think someone else linked tanning drops but these are my personal favorite.
I just mix the drops in with my moisturizer at night and feel glowy and tan in the morning.
This bottle also lasts forever. I’ve had mine for a year and it’s only halfway used!

Elf Halo Glow

I love this stuff and use it almost everyday. It is light coverage but makes you look dewy.

L’oreal Lumi Glotion

I always mix this in with my “Halo Glow” and it gives me
the perfect tan to add to the dewy and glowiness

ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes

Moving onto running, I recently got into running so I have found some things that I love and want to share. One being these shoes. They are the perfect amount of cushion.
I trained and ran my half marathon in these shoes!

Aonijie Running Vest

I have loved this vest for longer runs. It has so many pockets and a space if you want to add a water bag on the back. It can fit everything I need in it, even my phone!

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Stick

A classic. Super good for chafing!

CRZ Yoga Workout Shorts

I love these and really everything CRZ Yoga. They have the best workout clothes.

Sharpie Pens

I am very passionate about the pens I use and have tried all kinds. They are truly the best.
It would feel wrong not to add them to this list.

Salbree Popcorn Popper

Air-popped popcorn is my favorite snack and this makes it SO easy and delish!

Popcorn Kernels

Some kernels to go with the popper. You’ll want a large container!

Laptop Case

Such a good and cute laptop case and it comes with a pouch for chargers or pens/pencils.

Dawn Spray Dish Soap

This is so random but I am obsessed with this stuff right now.
It is just so satisfying and makes me want to do the dishes.

Stanley Cup

I know Elle put a different water bottle on here but I love and always will love my Stanley.
I’ve had mine for over a year and it still works perfect. I also just love this
style where its easy to carry or throw in a backpack.

Other gift lists filled with ideas:

Sending out all our love!

small pictures of what is on the gift guide for the gals

**I am an Amazon Affiliate which means we get a small commission through these links, but know that we are only recommending our favorites, and hope they help you in your Christmas shopping! XOXO

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  2. Fun, thank you!

    Here’s a request, since the rare photos of teen boys on your blog to help me know what’s cool (in clothing) for my boys, I would love some input from some of your high school aged nephews, when/if you do a guys guide.

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