Let’s talk about gift ideas. Because I have a guest post from my girls.

Today is the day we are pulling out all of our Christmas decorations and blasting Christmas music.

I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner!

Over the years I get asked so many questions about what my “favorite things” are. Especially around the Christmas gifting season. I’ve also had so many questions about what kinds of gifts my kids request, or what kinds things we buy them at Christmas, etc.

So…while the girls were home for Thanksgiving we decided to put together a gift idea list of some of their favorite things. (Lucy wasn’t in on this, but I will add her if she’ll come up with some ideas.)

This, of course, is good for the mama as well, so I’m secretly pretty excited to have all these ideas of what my girls love, especially because I am an online shopper.

I’ll do a list of my own favorite things soon (and maybe Lucy’s if we get lucky!), but for now, a little late for Black Friday but just in time for Cyber Monday, here some gift ideas straight from my girls! (also so many Black Friday deals are still around on Saturdays these days!)

Gift Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

Let’s start with CLAIRE’S PICKS with some commentary from her on why she likes them:

(You can click on either the title or the picture and it will take you right to where to find it.)

Gua Sha Jade Stone

I seriously love this skin care product. You run it along your face particularly on your jaw line
and cheekbones and I definitely see a difference in my face:

Brazilian Crush Fragrance Body Mist

This smells so good and stays on for so long, so all my friends love it.
There are a few different scents to chose from, but I like this one the best.

Telescopic Mascara

This is my all-time favorite mascara because the applicator is thin,
and somehow that helps my eyelashes not get clumpy and look long.

Pink Heart Neon Sign

I just got this heart for my apartment when I moved in and I love it because it gives my room a little bit of color and fun.

Sunset Projection Lamp

My roommate was just gifted this lamp for her birthday and WE LOVE IT SO MUCH!
It projects different colors (you can chose with the remote), and it makes our room so bright and colorful.

This is a pic of our room, see my neon heart on the wall up there?

Babe Lash

I put this product on my eyelashes before bed every night and it makes my eyelashes grow so long.
I got it for Christmas one year and I still ask for it every year!

Hair Crimper

I love this particular crimper because it creates looser waves.
Apparently moms like it too because my mom stole it from me.

Revlon Hair Dryer

I got this blow dryer for my birthday a few years ago and I use it almost every time I get out of the shower.
It makes my hair have so much volume and dries it so fast and efficiently.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

I was gifted this and I use it every day for a lip mask or even a lip gloss and LOVE the way it looks and smells.

Ok, now let’s move on to GRACE’S PICKS:


This game is super fun for a big group of friends!
I have played it a bunch in college with my friends and I love it!


This is also another great game that is super fun with a big group of people!
It makes you think creatively while having fun 😉


I am always in need of a little tan, especially in the Utah winter.
I just put a drop of these in my moisturizer every day and feel like I have at least a little more color in my skin 🙂
(a great stocking stuffer)


These makeup remover cloths are lifesavers. My roommate has them and I use them all the time,
you just get one damp and wipe off your makeup at the end of the night and stick them in the wash to use them again.
(a great stocking stuffer)


I love these claw clips, they’re super cute and keep your hair out of your face. A double whammy.
(a great stocking stuffer)


This shaving cream is a game changer. I never used shaving cream before I got this as a gift and
I just can’t imagine not having it now. Leaves you feeling SO incredibly soft and smooth.


If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for good smells and candles.
This candle is INCREDIBLE lemme tell ya.


The most perfect water bottle. It’s the perfect size and easy to take with you everywhere you go.
And there are so many different cute color options.
I always have mine with me and it helps me stay more hydrated because it’s so fun to drink out of 🙂


My all-time favorite lotion that I will never stop rebuying.
There are lots of different scents that smell so good but this one is my favorite.


The absolute best iPhone cases there are.
They have so many cute designs and colors and they are super protective without being bulky!
I have this design and have had others in the past. LOVE them.


A miracle worker.
I put this in my hair when it’s wet and it smells soooo good and makes it super easy to brush through!


I can’t find the exact kit that I have but this is super similar and highly rated.
I love love love doing my nails with my gel kit.
It is so much fun to do your own spa, saves you money, and lasts a long time.


The best curling iron in the game. My mom has this and I have to use it every time I’m in town.
It’s just makes the most perfect, smooth curls.


One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. I got this for my birthday randomly a few years ago and I love it so so much.
I use it so much with friends we can just set it up and watch whatever on the ceiling, a cloth, or really anything and it’s tiny and portable, it’s almost like a party trick taking that thing out of my bag haha

Here are Elle’s Favorite Things:

Quilted Puffer Bag

I have a gray version of this & I use it all the time for travel & day trips. It is really big and super cute, I always get compliments on it. Now I want the white.


These are cute for men & women. They come in a lot of cute colors & are nice sunglasses for a little cheaper!

Liquid Bronzer Drops

I got gifted this & use it every single day. You just put a drop in your sunscreen your skin will be so glowy. I never want to leave without it. 🙂 & it really goes a long way, I have had it for a year!

Ice Roller

I love this ice roller :). Carson got it for me for my birthday, & not sure what the benefits really are, but it feels SO nice & refreshing in the mornings. Wakes me up & depuffs.

Dermaplaning Face Razors

Another product me (& Carson) use all the time. Face shaver & can even use for nose hair, & cleaning up Carson’s beard!

Bondi Sands Self-Tanner

Love this self tanner so much! I use this on my entire body – even my face, & it looks so natural & beauty. Easy to use too (but you need the mit or you’ll stain your hands, ha! & it’s the same price with the mitt! deals!)

Ying Yang Candle

A cute candle I just can’t stop ordering. Smells good & is so aesthetically pleasing in my house. 😉

Bose Nose Cancelling Headphones

Just pulled the trigger on these and I am obsessed. They don’t hurt my ears or head at all after wearing all day and such good sound. I wear working, at the gym, on flights, you name it. :))

Glass Straws

Just love these guys, make my smoothies extra yum, and a good stocking gift.

Baggu Nylon Crescent Bag

My FAVORITE bag of all time. Got this as a gift and I use it for absolutely everything.
It fits surprisingly a lot and a cute accessory. Colors in more neutral too.

Supergoop Sunscreen

I love Supergoop. I got this as a gift and use this one and the main normal sunscreen as well. Because I have acne prone skin, I’m so careful about sunscreen and this one keeps my skin clear makes your skin look glowing. Also saw a video of different sunscreens sitting on oil paper, Supergoop let barely a trace, we love.

Pimple Patches

Speaking of having acne-prone skin, I stick these on after a zit is lightly popped and sleep.
And it actually works! the zit is usually gone in the morning, I love these.

Springer Dog Water Bottle

Springer is the CUTEST dog brand. They have these bottles that are game-changers, the colors are so cute. Bo Jangles is in love. They have mini, medium, and larger size for different activities.
Also not to mention cute branding by yours truly ;).

Bala Bangles wrist/ankle weights

These are the cutest wrist/ankle weights and make just going on a morning walk or chill yoga a little harder.
I use my moms whenever I can and this is also a hint that I need these for my own, mom. Hehe

Glow Drops

A couple drops of this in my supergoop sunscreen in the morning gives a super bright but natural look. It just is bright and beautiful and I love all these Versed products (the Vitamin C serum is also amazing).

ON Women’s Cloud Sneakers

Got these shoes last year for Christmas and use them allll the time. Love how firm they are.

Pickleball Paddles

If you aren’t playing pickleball yet, what you doing?

Silver Hoop Earrings

Great staple hoops that don’t tarnish quickly.

Lar’s Favorite Slides

Lar wears these constantly. Best present I’ve given him haha.

And last but certainly not least, Abby’s Picks:

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I am a believer that everyone needs a comfy blanket.
I get hot pretty easily and this blanket is light and makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud.

The Five-Minute Journal

Max asked for this last year and I ended up getting one because it made such a difference for him.
I have tried to journal a million times but never have been able to make it a habit.
This journal is such a simple way to be more grateful and intentional with your day.

SuperHair by Moon Juice

I have tried so many different daily multivitamins and this one is by far the best. Since I have thin and fine hair, finding something give my hair some extra strength is a plus. I also have tried most of their other products and cannot say enough good things about this woman-owned company!
Give anything from Moon Juice a try!

ILIA Multi-Stick for Lips + Cheeks

This ILIA multi-stick is a clean beauty classic. If I only have one item on me this would be it.


Pregnancy pillow- Sleeping while pregnant has not been my favorite thing and I’ve heard this
pillow makes all the difference. It’s definitely on my list this year!


Silk pillow case- My wonderful MIL bought me this pillowcase two years ago for my birthday and it is my absolute favorite. It has made all the difference in my skin and hair. It also stays super cool at night which is amazing if you’re a hot sleeper like me.

Headband and Wrist Washband Face Wash Set

The headband- I hate washing my face every night because the water and soap always get into my hair and run down my arms. As funny as they look this headband and arm fuzzies make nightly cleaning so much easier. A must!


The necklace- This is honestly just a cute staple.
I was surprised with how good the quality was too for the price.


Scalp and body scrub- Anything OUAI makes is gold and smells absolutely amazing.
This body and scalp scrub is my favorite splurge.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

The book- If you haven’t read this book you are missing out. Max and I both love it and refer back to it often.

Weleda Body Cream

Weleda skin food – As someone who lives in a super dry climate and already has chronically dry skin
this is a holy grail skin product. If you don’t believe me Hailey Bieber uses it 🙂

Black Gel Pens

I know it sounds crazy to put a pack of pens on a wish list but after using a good pen you never go back.

Nutribullet Blender

I feel so strongly about this product because it has changed my overall health.
Smoothies are such a good way to get in random veggies, fruits, and seeds and this is the perfect size!
In a regular blender I always end up making way too much and the cleanup seems daunting.
This little guy has saved me during pregnancy!

Barefoot Dreams Socks

These socks are so cozy and come in the best colors.

Ritual Prenatal Vitamin

After trying so many prenatals that made me nauseous I was so relieved to find one
that didn’t upset my stomach and gave me the vitamins I needed. I have totally felt a difference while taking these!

So there you go, some ideas for Christmas!

Maybe this will be the year that I get shopping done early!

Other Gift Guides:

*I am an Amazon Affiliate which means we get a small commission through these links, but know that we are only recommending our favorites, and hope they help you in your Christmas shopping! XOXO

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  1. This is extremely helpful for myself! Your girls seem so on top of what’s in and I’ve found I am suddenly old and out of touch (I had two babies and in that time went from young to old hahaha). Thanks for the recommendations!!

  2. With today being Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday coming up, it would be nice to see something similar to support small businesses, makers, etc. Yes, I completely understand that this was a list made by young women, but they are the future and should cast a wider consumer net.

    While I understand that it is easy to order from Amazon (and that Shawni’s blog is an Amazon affiliate), Maybe there will be a post that supports local (or online), small businesses. Maybe you won’t get your order overnight, but in the spirit of being thankful, it would be nice to support small businesses that are women or, minority-owned that are in your community. What has Amazon done for your community lately? Not trying to be a bummer, but would have like to see some other options rather than supporting some CEOs next trip to the moon or whatever the next vanity project is. Not to mention their employment practices, employee burn rate, etc.

    Congrats Abby and Max 🙂

  3. I have a high school senior and i so appreciate all these wonderful recommendations!!! Thank you ladies for putting it together!!

  4. Oohh this was Soo good!!! Thank you! In think there was something on each girls list that would be perfect!
    I’m that girl that is already thinking about next year, i but stocking stuffers all year long so it doesn’t seem like a chunk at the end.. stockings are my kids favourite things, so I go a bit above.

    Shawni, ( and anyone with tips) now that you have married kids, how do you do it? Do you buy each of them individual gifts, or Couple gifts? So you spend the same amount on them as children at home still? I’ve just entered this phase and would love to know what others do 💗💗💗

    1. My family does a secret santa and it works really well. We do some sleuthing/teamwork to figure out what to get for the harder-to-gift-for family members, but overall it cuts down the stress and $ focusing on only one person plus your partner.

    2. We’ve done it a little differently each year, it’s been kind of random. I think some day we will get to the point that we just buy everyone the same thing to keep it simple, but for now numbers are small enough that we have done gifts more individually. The married kids are in the rotation (not as a couple, individually) with our kids’ gift exchange rotation. We do this on Christmas Eve and it’s working really well!

  5. Can we get a part two with Shawnees picks from more small businesses? I love you guys’ recommendations because you know they aren’t just crap you’re paid to promote 🙂

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