Grateful for the Turkey Trot…2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64704 …and the over five hundred people who showed up.2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64707…and to meet some very kind blog readers (wish I had taken pictures…). SO grateful Lu made it run/walking for the whole “fun run” part.2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64709 …and for her handsome dad.2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64712 …and that the rest of the kids ran their little hearts out too.2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 647282012-11-22 Turkey Trot 647482012-11-22 Turkey Trot 647582012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64764 Grateful we could help raise money for AZ Brain Food.2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 647722012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64774 …and for all the hard work these guys did to put it together.2012-11-22 Turkey Trot 64753(along with one more friend who was working so hard he wasn’t around for the picture 😉 2012-11-22 Thanksgiving 64776Grateful we could finish our “thankful tree.”2012-11-22 Thanksgiving 64778 Grateful for in-laws who took such good care of us.2012-11 thanksgiving …and lots of laughing at the dinner table heavy-laden with good food.2012-11-22 Thanksgiving 647852012-11-22 Thanksgiving 64786 And, of course, so grateful for Thanksgiving football traditions with cousins in the slanting desert sun.2012-11-22 Thanksgiving 648142012-11-22 Thanksgiving 648172012-11-22 Thanksgiving 648322012-11-22 Thanksgiving 648382012-11-22 Thanksgiving 64843 And a sister-in-law who will whip out an awesome orange backdrop to catch shots like this to finish off the evening.2012-11-22 Thanksgiving 648652012-11-22 Thanksgiving 648682012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649022012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649102012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649182012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649302012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649382012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649452012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649482012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649552012-11-22 Thanksgiving 649582012-11-22 Thanksgiving 64962 So grateful for a day to celebrate the power of gratitude.

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  1. Great shots – and looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Would love to know where the orange backdrop is from and what it is made out of?

    Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  2. Is your Father In Law Bishop Pothier who was Bishop over 30th Ward in Mesa? If so, will you please send him and his sweet wife love from Steve and DiAnna McCuistion? They were so good to us when we lived in that ward.

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