I don’t have the answer to that question up there for anyone else, but I sure felt it for myself today as I listened to General Conference.

I wrote some thoughts about hearing God’s voice in so many ways a couple days ago.

But wanted to come back here following those beautiful words of encouragement I heard today.

I definitely heard His voice in the words spoken.

How to re-dedicate life to what matters most

Click HERE to listen and find out so many good ways to do just that. (Although conference is over, it’s all there to be listened to any time, anywhere! Sometimes I think I almost prefer listening to one talk at a time while I’m doing small jobs around the house, or driving carpools sometimes even more than hearing them all in one huge chunk at the same time, those words speak to me!)

But today I was so uplifted, and so reminded to focus my life on Jesus Christ.

Oh, there are so many ways to do this. And sometimes it is such a confusing thing to figure out when the world is pulling us in so many different directions. Shards flying every which-way sometimes.

As I watched these talks I was filled with such peace. We all need that right about now!

Each of us will have our own thoughts as to how to bring Him more fully in.

But I think my own personal underlying reminder today was this:

“The Joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.”

I have a renewed conviction to focus more on the Savior.

To try to be more like Him. And to focus on what matters most.

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