Welp, Lucy just got through with SIX amazing MCO performances.

Yep, Lu together with all these thousands of others singing and playing their hearts out with moving music that moved all six different audiences to standing ovations.

That is an incredible group I tell you!

I got to watch the first performance of them all with this crew:

This concert in particular was very patriotic.

And this girl felt it I tell you!

Can you see her just lifting her head up in jubilant song?

I stayed to volunteer for the next concert (there are lots of parent volunteers to help guide and direct all these hundreds of kids). I got to work with my friend Kristyn Merkley who I met at another concert volunteer opportunity. Check out her blog for some awesome recipes. And my friend (who is one of Lucy’s best friends) came to watch.

I love these smiles.

So proud of this Lucy girl and her ability to perform so beautifully while juggling so much homework and life. And so grateful for this organization that gives her the possibility come out of it all with a glowing and fed spirit.

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